Hearing The Voice of God Part 2

Hearing The Voice of God Part 2

Hearing The Voice of God Part 2

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When the Lord speaks usually you only get an impression you get an impression know what has happened is most of us we have been exposed for so many years to people who pretend God speaks to them they have the prophecy business pays good money pays good money if you know how to prophesy to a certain group of people you can make them put money in your pocket in such a way that when you walk out monies falling off of your pockets because it pays a lot know those people have corrupted what true prophecy is supposed to be in such a way that the rest of us even though the spirit talks to us but we have already this expectation but I got called prophet blah blah blah say that he can hear the voice of God clearly In such a way that he’s so microscopic in what he prophesies as you can tell your name Social Security number passport number the street you grew up on and the way he talks about these things it’s almost makes you the rest of us up I can’t talk like that but what you don’t know is some of that stuff could actually be this guys been doing his homework yeah you are you are you are how do you know working hard trying to put your life together this guy was working hard studying you and your psychology people people do those things and Professor I believe in prophecy no I do believe in microscopic prophecy I do believe the Lord can come to minister menu and tell him

things about me but it’s not for him to impress me it’s to confirm to him that God is really talking to him it’s not for me it’s for him like for Easter Yes prophecy comes to the record and say you missed it live a more you come from Nigeria and your people group is a circle so what God did not tell him to convince you it’s not going to him he should be the one convicted and I showed you a scripture after example after example go back to last weeks message you see how our eyeshadow broke down about these things most of us God speaks to us I’ll give you an example of a minister mail here is one of the most prophetic people I know in this town but I’ve never heard him say that says the Lord but I’m in fact I’ve never heard you say the Lord is saying no but there was a time I was sharing with him just in the back there about some thing that was on my heart and the answer you gave me it was so quiet it was very respectful I did it was a lot talking to him that said that was on a Sunday on a Thursday I’m at another man of God he repeated Word for Word verbatim what is man said but that man said after he had prayed with me now I know the Lord was speaking to me through my brother what did the brother know that the Lord was speaking through him I don’t know when the same I can say the same for Miniso J very prophetic there’s things that he has told me for the same thing as what is Mikey the same thing on all of us here God speaks to us God speaks to us when God speaks to us it’s not like you’re gonna have a goose bump on you I just feel the anointing of God I feel the anointing of God I’ve been in meetings were when the men say that he was feeling the anointing of God he wasn’t

feeling the lining of God do you know any of God is not the chills on your body I just feel the power of God is a God speaks to you God speaks to you it’s just that you don’t know the God speaks to you If you don’t know that God is speaking to you I don’t care if you don’t say the Lord is saying don’t say that most people feel like oh why would I say the father say yes just say I just feel in my heart like I should tell you this no whatever you wanna tell me let’s say this is Lauren has an impression in her spirit she feels like the start I just can’t shake it off if you say the Lord is telling me this and let’s just admit that the loading say it will go till you for that no I wanna kill you why do you have a relation with him you have a relationship with him he’s your father is your father there is a scripture in the Old Testament that stays well and to these people who say the Lord sees and the Lord and not tell them what do you have to take it in context the way God dealt with them all the way they related to God is dead Friend from the way you relate to God these are the impostors false prophet who are not in connection with God you are a child of God you can speak on behalf of God just like the wife of Mr. uncle saw can you go there out there to market to any shop and speak in the name of her husband even if the husband didn’t give her the OK and when she goes home the husband what is he going to do kill her why would he do that what I’m trying to tell you is be confident be confident in the way God talks to us he requires our mind to pick on what the Lord sees the Lord speaks but we have been trained we

have been exposed to YouTube videos of people throwing up of people shaking their hands and calling themselves profit those things have corrupted the way we think of prophecy I want you to come Back to the word of God and to realize first of all God speaks to you give me the scripture Joel chapter 2 verse 28 and 29 Joel Joel Joel JOEL chapter 2 verse 2829 it says this and it shall come to pass after words that I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh does it include you do you think and your sons and your daughters daddy does that include you too shall dream dreams young men shall see visions what is the difference between a vision and a dream and I tell you easily vision and dream is the same thing but the vision is a dream you see when you’re not sleeping that’s what you call a vision it’s a dream you get when your eyes are still open and the dream is the vision you say when you’re sleeping but it’s the same thing visions and dreams and also Upon the servants and upon the handmaid’s in those days apparat my spirit we are the sons and daughters of God and the Lord has guaranteed that we shall prophesy and it’s all come to pass after where the tile pour out my Spirit upon all flesh your sons and daughters shall prophesy this is guaranteed the brother K is supposed to prophecy prophecy is supposed to be everybody’s opportunity pizza supposed to Professor Israel supposed to prophesy Richard supposed to Professor suppose the professor systematically supposed to prophesy all of us should prophesied I am supposed to prophesied no I want you to think of this the Asians dreams prophecy they all work the same thing they involve your mind they involve your mind when I say let’s prophesy you don’t need to say something You don’t need to hear some thing when people see somethings there’s a word called Tres Tres Tres Esparza praying you’ll fall out and it’s almost like you are in the spirit if I touch you you don’t you can’t tell the dump somebody touched you it’s almost like you cut all your cut off of your surrounding the size of your surroundings you

don’t know what’s happening this can be found in the in the acts chapter 10 when Peter he’s sitting somewhere in the Bible say the word cooking dinner for him and he went upstairs to pray and as he was spraying he fell in a trance what happen was he saw in the vision a big sheet and is the speed of the Lord told them you get up and eat a killer eat but he was so aware in the division that he was talking and I said no I can’t I can’t before you know it Snapped out of it that happens it’s never happened to me but that’s never happened to me how does that happen will probably be you are at home and you fall out in your chair and if the phone rang you wouldn’t know the phone is ringing things like that don’t happen all the time but what happens with most of us it’s prophecy prophecy is in your mind it’s how your mind you just have this conviction in your heart and the way it works is will probably be praying and I were praying and singing instead of you being here you’re beginning to think about somebody else why am I thinking about it somebody else when it comes to you prophecy and you can tell that this is prophecy because prophecy is always encouraging I don’t know about any of you but has it ever happened to you that you were feeling you were sitting at home everything is OK but he just have a cyst Something bad is about to happen just don’t know how to explain it but it’s just like I just feel uneasy one time in 1992 were coming from church me and my my my friend and as we were walking he told me I feel like there’s a funeral at home I don’t know and Shernoff when we got home it was a funeral one day we were going to church in the afternoon one midweek service in the evening before 5 PM on our way to church this friend of mine told me I feel there’s a fight at church can we pray we started to pray soon as we got to church we did found found one of the pastors and one of the deacons they were about to beat the snot out of each other how did my friend notice it has felt it in his heart he could’ve would’ve made that stuff up that’s the sad how God talks to you God talks to you using your mind but don’t see yourself like one of those guys on TV or on YouTube mostly no no no no no don’t put yourself in in the class don’t put yourself like that come back to the real stuff in the real stuff God does not violate your wheel he speaks

to you but through your mind let’s say next so next month I asked but OK but OK prepare a sermon because I’m gonna put you in the picture are you going to teach when he goes home till he shares with his lovely wife passed Eddie has asked me to share and the wife said let’s let’s collect ourselves and they start to pray until he prays has the Lord told you anything what do you mean Rosmond what what what’s going on we have prayed the pastor told you you got a preach you have bread no you sit down there How to compose your sermon and then you scratch off this one that this doesn’t come out and you call her and you do a rehearsal with her and look at my look at my my daughter she’s a bitch me and then you try and voice isn’t coming out that she tried baby you can do it and then when you come to preach here you didn’t you don’t even know what you’re saying but at the end of the service that is blessed did God use you to speak to the people yes I did not talk to you use your mind I’ll give you his mind that’s exactly how we prophesy prophesy I encourage you when we pray in a cell groups you doing praise and worship don’t think that all of a sudden I’m just gonna see you like this place has vanished I am sucked out of my body and the Lord is calling me on some sun mountain I find myself on the mountain I’m walking on the mountain What is your dad left what is it no no no things like that begin to happen you may need us to pray for your healing because maybe your mind is starting to go down self the old yeah hey I told you last week right if we if we are praying and you start

to hear his voice is either somebody’s hiding or you probably need to call 911 all you need to call us to come and lay hands on you you’re not gonna hear a voice like that God speaks through through through your mind now go with me to the book of Daniel Daniel chapter 9 I wanna show you God uses also the Scriptures in fact when you when you read when your professor and it doesn’t line up with the word you have not prophesied in Daniel chapter 9 I want you to see what verse one says Daniel in the first year of Darius the son of us service which is sources of the lineage of the meat the meats who was made king of the realm of the Chaldeans in the first year of his reign ideas I Daniel understood by the books the number of the year specified by the word of the Lord through Jeremiah the profit that he would accomplish 70 years in the desolation of Jerusalem so the story here is Daniel was reading the writings of Jeremiah specifically Jeremiah chapter 25 and as he is reading the right of the writings of prophet Jeremiah Don’s on him wait a second the Lord spoke through Jeremiah that we will be in captivity for 70 years and it’s been there it’s been a time oh my God the Lord has just spoken to my heart see what happens here is Daniel gets revelation from God he gets a proper Word as a result of him sticking his nose in the Scriptures so you want to prophesied you want to hear God learn how to stick your face in the Bible just like this man you eat the word of God this is a more sure where the prophecy the word of God remember what Christ said in John chapter 14 verse 26 when the Holy Spirit comes he will remind you of the things I have seen so we have to take the words of Christ because these are the things that the Holy Spirit will remind us off I tell you any prophecy that does not line up with scripture it’s not a prophecy from God because true prophecy must line up with the

word of God so let’s not read verse 20 now while I was still still speaking praying and confessing my sins and the sin of my people is real and present Application before the Lord my God for the holy mountain of the Lord yes while I was speaking Russian 21 in prayer demand Gabriel whom I had seen on the vision at the beginning being cost to fly swiftly reached me about the time of the evening offering and he informed me a talked with me and said all Daniel I have come forth to give you skill to understand at the beginning of your supplications the command went out and I have come to tell you for you are greatly beloved therefore consider the matter and understand the vision notice what Daniel says here Daniel sees that as he was studying the word he went into prayers when he was pray then the angel of the Lord came and spoke to him and see what happens it as you begin to read the word of God says Lauren some scriptures will jump out and you take it that the Lord just spoke to me the Lord spoke to me through the Scriptures You don’t need to sit down there and the next thing you know you fell out and then you fell out was 12 and some guy came and woman over you arrange all I have come to take you to the city of the King 11 appointment of the Almighty God let’s go and then use was sucked out of your body and then you were traveling I mean you’re passing cloud and you can look down New York City now that we are going we are flying we are passing the stars and then we arrived at this big city on lockdown it’s just a huge city if that happens to you with thank God for it cannot happen yeah thank God but you don’t have to condition your mind that’s how it’s going to be just like a

scripture like the scripture we read this morning when management was leading us in prayers by him continually offer the sacrifice of praise it’s not just spoke to me but I need to do this hallway Because this is the prophecy par Exelon’s it’s the word of God amen second way so first one was he speaks through the word right you prophesied through the way just take the word of God studied and the things that you see in the Bible it’s things are do you like the scripture was reading Proverbs chapter 4 verse 26 ponder over your Waze to me that’s how I got talk to me he says Eddie be intentional that is the scripture now let’s go to Daniel chapter 2 let’s say something in verse 29 Danielle chapter 2 verse 29 if you don’t have it it’s on the screen as for you OK the king and his kingdom can answer thoughts came up to your mind while you were in bed on your bed about what would come to pass after this and he who reveals secret has made known to you what will be I’m gonna stop at this Scripture and you can notice you noticed a timer reading for 29 which means you have to go back to verse one all the way to versa 49 to understand the whole story but this is king Nebuchadnezzar he had a dream he saw a huge statue and a rock came from heaven brought that statue he got up in the morning he said all my God I had a huge dream who can tell me the dream oh who who can explain top of the dream

for me the magicians told him you give us the dream you tell us a dream and will explain to dream to you not too fast can you tell me the dream first of all I love you interpret this guys tell them know that the king said all right if you don’t tell me the dream right I’m gonna kill you and added to this group of people was Daniel Daniel went and he slept in Praying the Lord showed him the dream now and then you came to tell the king the dream you can read the dream notice what Daniel said in verse 29 and for you OK the thoughts came into your mind as you were sleeping or what should come to pass here after and he did reveal of the secret make it known to the water come to pass noticed that then you told him that God used his own mind to tell him wobble come in the past so this man the dream he saw the king here it was about the events that will take place in the future and Daniel said it was acting the way you were thinking I’ll stop there for a second and think about that so God speaks to us through our own mind you have to think does it make sense now why he says in Isaiah chapter 26 verse three he shall keep him in person Space whose mind is stayed upon the Lord yeah you know that’s why he kept the courage and the Jews you shall love the Lord your God with all your mind because God needs your mind to speak through you just like everyone we ask but OK come and minister the Lord will need him to use his mind so that the Lord will communicate to him the word of God your mind is very important your mind is very important so what happens now is anytime I need some thing and I’m praying I’m beginning to ask the Lord what am I thinking about so for those of you who are coming here night after night when we did the fasting a week and a half ago remember how we did it it was intentionally done to help you heal from the spirit of God as we are praying what do you feel in your spirit we’re not expecting you to come I will be praying and I kept hearing a voice coming from this wall here right here if you come up with things like that we may be a little bit concerned another thing is this most people think that when you are prophesying right it’s something you cannot control and I will tell you what is it I just can’t control myself or listen if you cannot control yourself under the spirit of God it’s a very

dangerous place you are that is demonic possession a person who is on the demonic influence right they can’t control themselves even if you put restraints on them they’ll break them the Bible talks about that one guy who was staying in the graveyard the full Mad Men of the Dara the Bible says he tore his own clothes the Spirit of God is a spirit of all Yeah he will make you be decent he’s not gonna make you tear your clothes in public I was in a meeting in Oklahoma long time ago where this guy in front of me was it was Leica a lot of them were from Haiti and he was shaking in front of me under the power of God I should’ve known better not to close my eyes when people are shaking around you be very careful keep your eyes open and watch where the hell is going I didn’t know the next thing I heard is right and it got me right in the Mus and mad second why did you hit me in the face and him this guy he realize that he had hit me because I was like yeah I know I am I’m sorry about that I’ll wait a second Are you sorry if you are under the Holy Spirit see what I’m saying is this if it’s from God really you will control it which means also true prophecy you can control it because the spirit of a profit is subject to the prophet it’s not that I just can’t control myself if you cannot control yourself you need help we need to cast it out of you it’s a demon all your demons will make you shake violently like that but the Spirit of God is a spirit of all the indecency so it was in his thoughts and his thoughts came up now let’s go to First Community and shut the 14 right let’s do a quick reading from verses one through four just listen to your mind what is the Lord saying what is the Lord say and as you pray just

sitting on my 1998 I had made a huge trip throughout southern Africa And then I return back to back home to the Congo and then I was sitting in my parents living room it was about 23 in the afternoon and I felt just like praying and I was sitting on the couch right and I’m beginning to pray but I still open the next thing I know I see myself in front of an angel and there’s another angel there and they build it they pick a hold of me and we start to walk and they showed but they showed me a place where I was learning for things the power of consecration the power devotion excellence and prosperity the whole thing happened in less than 30 seconds what did that happen in my mind a few months after that I was no some other part of the country and I was praying and I felt that the Lord wanted me to pray for Certain church but I felt that that they need a prayer and as I’m praying I can see the pastor because I knew him he is standing on the river and out of this river comes out a creature with this creature attacks him and overpowers him and in my mind I he say he’s going to divorce and at first I was like how do you good how are you going to tell this guy that he’s going to divorce and that’s one of my friend in fact just yesterday him and I talked on the on the on or on WhatsApp and it happened exactly like you are a solid how did I see it in my mind I was I was just playing but I was thinking about it now I have personally gotten to a place where I know how to keep my mind you know the Bible sees the light yourself in the Lord and he will do it Give you your the desires of your heart what does that mean you learn how to just love on the Lord through worship through studying the word of God listen to good music it won’t be too long but your thoughts begin to pick up quickly begin to pick up quickly begin to pick up quickly I want to go to one church in Zambia one time and there was a guy preaching in a poop it was good it was very good I didn’t my mind I kept hearing this I

thought coming to my mind a greedy guy just got so greedy and there’s no reason why I would say this guy was really nothing so greedy it’s a greedy guy that was no reason that they didn’t even do the money thing you know they do bring who’s going to bring 100 and I was going to bring to work now he didn’t do that stuff but within three weeks that guy had almost destroyed the church but taking money I’m in left and right left and right how did I know that the Lord was talking to me about this guy my mind slow And how deep your mind stayed on a little first Corinthians chapter 14 verses one through four do we have it follow after what charity and design a spiritual gifts you have that we have designed them but rather that you may prophesied in the Bible says to every one of us must decide to professor and like I told you don’t think of yourself like a charlatan you are unless you want to go into a charlatan business but I don’t see any of us sane person from springs of life church becoming a charlatan just be comfortable I don’t wanna prank I was just thinking about some stuff to do that’s what the prank I just felt in my heart that the Lord that we should just pray more for this area that’s how God speaks my God speaks but he’s a good God for he does speak it in an unknown tongue speak if not unto man but I’m to God or Norman understand with him how beat in the spirit this speaker Mysteries but he the prophesy it speak it into men to edification and exhortation and comfort let’s stop right there this right here is the litmus test is the plumbline this shows us exactly how people prophesied from God and people who don’t professor from God when it’s truly from God it’s to edify the church to comfort the church and to exhort the church it’s not to scare people the Lord’s not gonna talk to me to talk to Doug to scare me but he speaks comfort and exhortation as we pray do you hear just a word of comfort coming through your heart for the body that’s the loudspeaker and I want you and I to have this understanding whether it be through praise and worship here all through the prayer ministry all in a cell groups all through her life night When we meet together we should expect the prophecy to happen we are not a one-man show church where it’s just about Isaac who stands up here he does all the talk no God has told us all my sons and daughters will prophesy which means every one of us has a voice in the heart of God what is a professor and his role let us do the cleaning for you you don’t worry about that part will clean up for you OK we have a way of cleaning stuff up OK but will clean it up for you but you just have to be bold enough to prophesy how God will use speaking in tongues to talk to us I know because I know everybody here some of us in this room speak in

tongues some of us don’t some of us in this room we don’t even consider speaking in tongues because it doesn’t make sense it’s been a lot of abuse is done over this when it comes Speaking in tongues you don’t have to expect the spirit of God to grab your mouth your man the bolts right and crank them open and then say shut up that’s never gonna happen the first time I heard about speaking in tongues I was under the impression that I would be sitting here and I’ll be hearing a voice in the back from the Spirit of God say Shasha shop and then I’ll say Shasha shop Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob I never happened like that when it comes to speaking in tongues it’s one of the ways that your mind picks up impressions from the Lord but speaking in tongues is your decision it’s not gods decision you personally choose to speak in tongues many churches do not let people speak in tongues but my Bible says in this very very chapped right here the last Verse of the chapter sees forbid nobody no one to speak in tongues I believe it’s a verse 39 it says for bid no one to speak in tongues I have to encourage each and everyone of us here to speak in tongues some of us in this room have never spoken in tongues so past Jalama going to speak in tongues we will not have a special speaking in tongues service with anointing oil and put you through through 34 days of fasting and then after that bro can you come here everybody’s around him up and then let’s dump this oil not repeat after us Lala La La La La La La La I had a friend right he did that to people Felix he did that my wife knows about Felix he did things to people he got this one got nailed out we’re going to speak in tongues that’s not how it works speaking in tongues the Bible says in ask chapter 2 verse four and they spoke in tongues

as the Spirit gave them address The Holy Spirit does not speak in tongues he gives you the power to speak in tongues how do you speak in tongues you speak in tongues my face you just decide are you sure you sure I don’t trust myself and trust me what if I say something bad don’t worry about the bad part will clean up for you that part you do the first part and let the Lord take care of the rest is it sometimes you never know what God has in full until you take the first step and then you trust him say the same way you seem salvation it was by faith we just know that you know that your sins are forgiven past present and future just the same way you know that your life is he didn’t god that’s the same way you speak in tongues so let’s say that we are here right in the week we have praise and worship gonna notice this is Larreta always does that Before the sun goes on she goes on to encourage us please focus on the Lord please minister to him and then often times she starts to speak in tongues are you ready to just jump in and start saying what she saying all women a second what do you mean when she sings right and then see if she’s use that opportunity just my face I’m just gonna say what she say if you start to say what she said is right what are you speaking are you speaking English right oh I have a language I speak French if I tell you to repeat the French words can you repeat them what are you speaking daddy love you speak mommy still you speak Bob tell me got an eagle chuckle and I say praise God so let’s say what she said just say it what language are we just spoken No it’s all good language eagle know you spoke Ibo right now we repeat what she said it was shipping and I speak some towns are you just decide to repeat exactly what she say what are you speaking English right so when you repeat what she says it’s evil when you repeat what she says no it’s not what I’m saying is most of us we try to be very guarded but it’s a joke it doesn’t make any sense what why do I even need to speak in tongues we analyze too much the Bible says in June 1 20 when you speak in tongues you’re building your most in a man you’re in the face but in this

passage here it says that he does speak it in a long time he edifies himself you begin to build yourself know what happens as you just go on and speak in tongues and speak in tongues you type in the mind God what was that passage first one was says he speaks the mysteries which versus he speaks mysteries follow as the charity that you’re my professor mysteries which versus how big it in the spooky speakers what mysteries mysteries is the area that you don’t even know that’s the realm of God you step in that zone of mysteries you begin to speak things that no I has seen no ear has heard I encourage you man let’s begin to speak in tongues amen still on our feet for a minute

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