Hearing The Voice of God Part 2

Hearing The Voice of God Part 1

Hearing The Voice of God Part 1

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What my sermon this morning is going to be all about I’m gonna be picking up what we did this week the benefits that the fasting has already unleashed in our hearts and I want us to maintain that momentum know before we read that just open it private chapter 3 it’s gonna be from a verse one through seven before we read it let me show you sometime one of the hottest time in our walk of faith is right after we have encountered something fresh with the Lord we have been stirred up we have experience just like an excitement we have built a momentum it’s almost like when you overcome one barrier when you overcome one hindrance when you overcome something and you you feel like the wind is in your windows in your sale and you are Going forward it’s exactly around the time then that it becomes very critical for you to open your eyes usually after a big victory people tend to relax people tend to take their hands off you know just what I’m going to chill a little bit of achieve something great I’m going to take a break at that time will you you you you feel like you should take a break you should relax a little bit it’s at that time that you need to be very careful there was a man in the Bible called Elijah you know he is the man who called on the fire of God to come down on them on mountain Mount Carmel

the fire of God came the profits the evil profitability exposed for the charlatans and the frauds they were victory is in Elijah’s camp the Bible sees Israel or Israel the nation of Israel they bow down and they said God the Lord is God we will worship him the fire of God came they witnessed it the Lord put the shame the enemy Eli just saw them with his own hand yeah this tremendous power come all over him what he’s loaded all these 850 profit off of bill within a few minutes he told the king there is a mighty wind that I can feel that I can sense in my spirit get up and rush home the king started running in his chariot and the cameras the motorcade Elijah started running after him after the king and he over took the king that’s just an anointing coming upon you so you’ll see this man is on fire he saw the fire of God calm down expose the wicked one destroyed them prophesied that wind is coming the rain is coming the rain is coming over text the chariots so the man is It’s on fire for God I guess what happen the following morning Jezebel sent him a note a messenger tell him Elijah I heard what you did to my profits may the gods Chris me or hurt me if tomorrow at this time you still have a head on your shoulders the man of God who just experienced all these things I showed you revival is an Israel you could’ve done something different he could’ve looked at the same person who brought the note I said you go tell that which I’m coming with you the same fire that came down in the mountain is coming on your palace if I am a prophet of God tomorrow at this time if you Jezebel you are still alive then God is not God all is real would’ve followed behind him and if this woman really wanted to kill him she didn’t have to warn him she just had to catch them off guard she

didn’t mean to Wasn’t really gonna do it what what how was she gonna do it anyway she was more scared of him than he was of her but notice that this man he forgets about all the things I’ve got it with him and he runs away in fear he had 105 one of her some coworker in the ministry who went with him and he left him halfway because he didn’t feel safe and he continued himself for three days and when he gets someplace he ate a little bit and he continue going for 40 days the man of God what is the lesson that you learned from this after the fire comes after the great victory people usually tend to relax and forget God or to forget what the Lord has done let that not be our case this week we’ve had tremendous experience Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday fasting calling on the name Jesus staying on mine and God when I tell you some thing has taken place in the spirit realm the Bible says in the book of Mark chapter for when you plant the seed starting from first 26 when you plant the seed you go to bed how it grows you don’t know what God gives the increase first the blade and then the air and then the full cone in the ear see what we did last week we planted the seed now the Lord is doing something he’s working behind the scenes something is shifting all of a sudden you’ll get a phone call all of a sudden something has tremendously changed for you I look forward to the next coming days in the next coming weeks what people are beginning to call and say I have to share with you something the Lord has done it again something has happened at my job something has happened in my health something is happening in my family things that were simulate the worst slow and they were not moving All of a sudden boom it’s opened I look forward to that and because of that I will encourage my brothers and sisters don’t go home and sleep don’t take a break this week stay on the phone and let the fire continue to burn on you

the Bible says in the book of Leviticus the fire should not go out from the older keep the fire on your hot this week in Jesus name Proverbs chapter 3 verses one through seven the Bible sees my son do not forget my law but let your heart get my commands for length of days and long life and peace that will add to you let mercy and truth for sake you buying them around your neck write them on the tablet of your heart and soul find favor and hot steam in the sight of God and then trust in the Lord with all your heart lean not on your own understanding in all your ways acknowledge him and he shall direct your path for seven do not be wise in your own eyes Fear the Lord and depart from evil now look at this for six one more time in all your ways acknowledge him what is what is he gonna do he will direct your path of those six what does it say in this version in all the ways acknowledge him and he shall direct or direct thy path this morning I want to talk to you about how to hear from God how to hear the voice of God how to hear the voice of God on Monday when we started praying at some point I asked you what do you feel the Lord is telling you and most of us are heard something but none of us who gave a word of encouragement and inspiration said I saw when we were praying an angel flying here with hand writing on the wall something no none of us said I heard a voice coming out of the wall to climb yeah who is that Know anyone who spoke said oh I just felt this in the scripture that is how we hear from God and today I want to encourage you to note 1st of all the God speaks to you constantly the Holy Spirit is always talking to you the problem is never the Holy

Spirit not talking it’s you not tuning in him just like right now if we change the screen and played with the buttons we can go to any news channel fox CNN we could even watch a movie we could go to YouTube like right now Internet is flowing through those those screens right now TV signals are going through there but why aren’t we watching CNN why aren’t we on YouTube it’s because we are not on the channel right now the same thing is happening also in your spirit man right now the Holy Spirit is communicate The Lord is doing some thing all the space is something is flowing in the spirit realm know if you want to hear from God it’s not up to God it’s up to you if you want to be led by God it’s not by God it’s up to you no problem see chapter 3 is the problems of Solomon he’s giving us admonition and he says that we should trust the Lord with all our heart that’s what prayer is all about that’s what faith is all about that’s what reading the Bible is all about that’s why coming to church service is all about why do we do these things it’s because we are expressing our trust in God he sees in all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your path this is a promise that says the woman of God it’s guaranteed from God to guide you go with me to the book of Psalms quickly and let me show you some stuff to 23 let’s read versus one Through three let’s see how God promises us some thing a bright Psalms chapter 23

the one that says the Lord is my shepherd look what it says here the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want he maketh me to lie down in green pastures he does what he leaders me beside the still waters he restores my soul he leads me in the paths of righteousness in here for his name sake see this one is telling us also but God wants to lead us this who is talking here it’s a sheep addressing OR a poem it’s like a worship it’s a joy it’s a recognition it’s affirming some thing that God is already doing all the Spirit of the Lord is already done and the stupid say your father on my shepherd I do not want you make me to lie down in green pastures you need me miss beside the still waters you leave me He restores my soul he leads me I want you to notice something in the scripture he sees God leads you he does not say God drags you most of us would think that when it comes to hear from God God must impose it on you like for instance how do you know sitting in my house watching TV and all of a sudden the TV screen goes black when somebody comes in there in the TV screen so you all will be here in the next thing you know there’s somebody standing right here shining white bother you say that those are preconceived ideas that we have of the Bible I’ve always told you when I was a kid my dad used to be part of a church called London celestial Church of Christ it’s also known as the hole on the white diamond church or holy some thing it’s a white garment it’s daylight There was one guy in the church who was the main prophet in all those churches there’s always one guy who is a little smarter than all

of them he knows exactly when to strike when the time is right there on the AC and the air-conditioning is right this guy called himself the eye of the Lord the eye of the Lord and we we called him but classic profit what made him different was the other profits when they prophesied the window spoken to the shock a lot but him he was the cool guy is the look that I often thought that’s how he was and the way he used to do you’ll be sitting just like that like this and wait a second oh yes yes yes no talk I’m hearing oh wait a second what did you say what is that like the last thing you just said are you sure you want me to talk to care about what oh no you don’t minute I’m a discount Get food I remember it must be about around 1989 or 1990 I went with my dad and that’s probably the eye of the Lord he was there with my dad everybody was wearing white donuts but he your jacket because he was a classic brother he doesn’t scream as we are eating this bastard up and he started going around the table you and I hear that five days ago and he who and this guy was microscopic when he started to detail your life you’ll have to beg him to stop because he cannot dress you publicly if you don’t I can tell you what you’re wearing undergarments right now do you want me to try you want me to tell you what color it is and he would table after table table after I’m in a P person after person when I saw that in my mind I had created an image if God is going to talk to me you will talk to me like this guy Like sometimes I’ll be human what is that I went in tons of prayers brother and sisters were when we are praying I know God wants me to see something I would have bought I mean hold my eyes tight like close and tight because I’m looking I’m trying to say something and I

would have to put fingers in my in my ears to hear just got to say something God doesn’t do that he leads me doesn’t drag us God is not pompous God is not what is another word for the person who shows off all the time green deals and things like that God is meek God is not going to scare you God is not going to scare you know I would like to talk to believe that someday I may see an angel if I sent an angel maybe in a dream maybe in a vision but sitting at home and I’m not coming here hello I am Gabriel never seen something like that it’s not like habitual in the Bible in the instances were things like that happen mostly in the old testament and doing the transition as the old testament is fading in the New Testament is coming in things like that used to happen with somebody you know you are driving in the next thing you know some guy sitting next and he tells you keep straight look straight… I’ve been sent of the note to tell you something anybody who has tried things like that in the long run they have been exposed as a charlatan know most of us we are very fascinated with things like you a lot is showing your name starting with the wait don’t say it I see MMMMM what is your name starting with MM a mama mama can you check what is your mama what are you say it now and I see your passport it’s a 347 we have watch those stuff in those stuff is not popular on YouTube and things like that let me be careful here does not talk like that yes in the Bible let me tell you first of all when it comes to knowing peoples lives so your name is Clive Emile you live in this part of town I’m not gonna put your address on live right now I’m not gonna say where you live you live somewhere in Virginia and to go to your place you have to go on this road and then get off the road and then go this way and your house is here things like that notice in the Bible God did not say those things to impress the person to whom the prophecy was it It was usually addressed to the prophet

himself to go locate that person all that thing is the impress you to impress people to impress to compete with another guy who is also doing the same thing to compete with another guy down there who is also doing the same thing but read in the Bible anytime God showed another person to address it was not to impress that person in post to show this guy who is telling me the address on how to get to your house like for instants in at the shop tonight when Paul when Paul comes to Damascus the word of the Lord came to a profit called Ananias and he was told Ananias there is a man in town called Paul is living on the street at the house of this person it was not to go tell Paul that your name is Paul you are living on this address no it was to tell the prophet how to go locate that man the app Places in the Bible where things like that was spoken not only to impress you but to help you for what is about to happen as it makes us so far no all of us here we have washed and videos we have watched on what’s up on YouTube how people charlatans do it yeah it says that the Lord is my shepherd God is your shepherd it’s guaranteed from God that he will lead you but you have to renew your mind the Lord’s not gonna speak

from a wall he’s not gonna come here and speak from this you know out here I was all as you walk in here brother and Lola by your self when you get the key to come in to collect yourself a soon as you step in you you just hit a voice out of North Coast surf things like that happen right Can you hear voice like that get your phone dialed 911 call them take a straight to the hospital you need to have your head checked I know a guy right you told me he was in the hospital and at night he heard demons do it outside the door banging on the wall that was scratching on the wall and on the door they were trying to crawl in there so that they can attack him and he was shaking and he was telling me the demons were coming he just didn’t know if he was going to survive that night I told him with a second so you are in the hospital bed right yeah you could hit OK and it was scratching on the wall OK but it wouldn’t come because the hospital walls were protecting you they will not go to the door Unless somebody open for them right what was happening to get the time how do you end up in the hospital first of all so well I had been drinking so much that day but I passed out and hit my friend was addicted to smoking more than cigarette he was smoking a little higher than cigarettes and that’s how he collapsed now he’s been drinking smoking right take him to the hospital when he go to the hospital they injected him with drugs right those drugs will play with your mind you had alcohol in his stomach smoking his brain and injection in his blood but now we know why why what why are you so those demons demons did not talk to you there’s a side effect of the things that you did some people as a psychopath Have mental trouble that’s why they can hear things I’m not going to go

for the down in that but let me come back here and reassure you if you are a child of God God speaks to you but don’t expect that he will speak to you the same way you have seen the charlatan the man of God is here can I prophesy and you know another thing is people who do things like that they’re spoiling the name of Christ they’re doing more damage to the body of Christ because all the stuff the crap they do when it goes flying it hurts even the rest of us who are not involved with them because when people get offended are you churches you people are like this even the innocent one who don’t believe in that stuff we get affected now do you believe there are a lot of false prophets out there I’m glad you do if there are false prophets out there what makes them falls It’s because there is a good one on the other side if there are false prophets they must be good profits just like if there is a good a real bank note real one dollar bill will always be a fake one if you don’t have a real currency let’s say three dollars doesn’t exist you can never have a fake one now that we know that sick people out there we who know that they’re fake we should now. But pursue the genuine and the right one right it’s not enough to blame darkness if you don’t turn the light on it’s not enough for us here to identify the evil people if we don’t show the right things it’s not enough to empty yourself off the bed if you don’t feel yourself Oh good now that we know they’re fake people out there let’s come back here how does God talk to us all of us who God speaks to us but the thing is we have been

confused with people so the Lord told me the Lord told me you look at yourself and go talk to them does he whispered they hear the voice of God what is it the thing is God talks to you or you don’t realize it let’s go to Romans chapter 8 go with me at eight show me verse 16 the spirit it’s self birth witness with our spirit that we are children of God I’m not gonna go in detail to explain what the Scripture is but it teaches us but the spirit of God ministers to our spirits he talks to a spirit when God talks he does not talk to this Physical tears when God gives you a vision it doesn’t come in to these physical eyes heal pulse is exactly or teaches us how God talks he does not talk to our body he talks a spirit in the way our spirit function is when he speaks to your spirit usually you will think it’s your own mind if you know how to steal your mind to quiet your mind you can always pick up the voice of Christ first of all God speaks he speaks for the spirit but we confuse it with our mind now let’s go to the book of Joel chapter 2 verse 28 what does it say I’m doing good on time and he shall come to pass after word that I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh and your sons and daughters will prophesy your old men shall dream dreams and young men shall see visions go to ask chapter 2 verse 17 at Chapter 2 verse 17 and he shall come to pass in the last days see if the Lord I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh sounds like we just read it right your sons and your daughters shall prophesy and your young man shall see visions and your old man shall dream dreams in the last days God says he’ll put

out his Spirit on all flesh your sons and your daughters will prophesy what is the significance first of all because we are the ones to whom this promises made in this day is God does not assign a spirit one person in the days of the old in the old testament the Spirit of God was not available to everybody it was only available to a few people and they will go for a long time without anyone having to Spirit of God when that person had the Spirit of God oh everybody had to go to that person and he’ll probably live in Manassas Virginia or Knoxville Virginia Everybody from Texas from Georgia from Canada dude all flock to Manassas and every morning he’ll have people lined up and God sees in the last day so I’m not be like that it’s wrong for you to go to a meant to say what is God saying about me in the old testament people went to consult God to profit as the prophetess of God saying in the New Testament you don’t need that when I grew up as a kid in the Congo right in the 70s and 80s not everybody had a TV only a few neighbors had TVs and back in my day we had this thing called a video of the VHS and it had a huge tape that you stick in there and you have to either forward or rewind it and we all knew who had a Thing but nowadays not that you can impress me with that I could have it on my phone I don’t even need that thing that’s exactly how it was in the old testament ending today most people approach God as like that who has the gift of God in town today and people travel to maybe Nigeria or is this guy Nigerian man he gives you water and then you go to things like that and you have people fly all over the world to go see the charlatan oh in South Africa because now that’s the capital of every evil thing that you want to find an earth today it is South Africa charlatans in South Africa everywhere they call General profits the cold lieutenant profits a good major profit and all kind of stuff why do you want to go there when God says you already got it you don’t need anybody to prophesied to you Anyway though your name I see your name is

DAM big deal so thought I see you still at your house I see number 394 so my neighbor knows that everybody world don’t know that big deal big deal what is your name Eddie so are you the only one who knows it do you believe now that I’m a man of God who could’ve told me your name anybody but I told you you probably saw it on my phone problem you probably stole my ID my information hey what are the thing with most of us we don’t have critical judgment we just bumped into some guy and whatever they say wow how could you have known maybe the guys been stocking you for months he’s been starting your life maybe he knows somebody who knows how that person person 100 bucks and that person has given them your name And by the way when people go and then they give them these huge humongous prophetic words what are those words anyway nothing nothing if I’m not gonna go there but God says here everyone prophesies us know let’s go to Revelation chapter 19 verse 10 let me show you something that’s that’s what should bless you and I’m praying right now that you shouldn’t even be watching that stuff if you watch that stuff it’s for comedy when US border you don’t have anything to watch let me watch some Charlottetown and at least I can laugh or something but I don’t believe in things

like that revelation chapter 10 and I fell at his feet to worship him and he said Anthony see they’ll do it not I am that fellow servant and of the brother in end of the Road have the testimony of Jesus worship God Testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy the spirit of prophecy is only the testimony of Christ if the prophecy does not talk about Christ it’s not the spirit of prophecy it’s not the spirit of prophecy I am sick and tired of our people all the time they go to church and they prophesied to them about the devil Satan the devil the devil the Winchester which is the witch of the demon demon no the testimony of demon is not the spirit of prophecy the testimony of witches is not the spirit of prophecy the spirit of prophecy is the testimony of Christ Jesus said when the Holy Spirit comes he will glorify me we have people who go to church in the prophesy in the glorify which is the glorify the devil has been looking for you lately the testimony of Christ is the spirit of prophecy Scare you with the brothers anytime a prophecy comes to scare you I see sickness I see death I see trouble I see witchcraft it’s not there’s no glorify Christ is the glorify Jesus to you and those things sickness this body is a correctable body part was sick in the Bible truth in this so sick Jesus our Lord boy or a sickness on him Elisha the man of God he died sick what’s the big deal with sick people the fall sick because we live in a fallen world because I ate probably something wrong I haven’t been working out I haven’t been drinking too much water so what I said death in your family everybody’s good night including yourself you’re not saying that you’re just playing it’s not even

the devil talking to you you are just being smart you’re just trying to pull a fast one on me but the testimony of Christ is the spirit God talks to you he will always show you Jesus that’s why the best way for you to heal God is in the word of God go to John chapter 14 verse or 26 quickly but the catheter which is the Holy Ghost whom the father will send in my name he shall teach you all things and bring all things to your remembrance whatsoever I said onto you do you see that Bible sees that the Holy Spirit teaches you by bringing to your remembrance thing so the testimony of Christ is the spirit of prophecy and the Holy Spirit text the word of Christ brings it to your remembrance that’s how you hear from God how do you how does this work when you read the word of God sometimes you forget sometimes you forget like this last week we were reading second Timothy chapter 2 or at substitute those two were reading them and some of it you may have forgot But your spirit has not forgotten the word do you read in the Bible stays in your heart it’s marinating in your heart that will be a day if you turn yourself to the Lord the Holy Spirit will go back in your heart and pull that word and bring it to your remembrance every prophecy that somebody gives you must line up with the word of God somebody who gives you a word that goes contrary to the word of God is not speaking from God because true prophecy is the spirit of Christ now let’s go to Avenue first Corinthians chapter 14 let’s let’s read from verse two Holloway 242 of first wins 14 2244 he who speaks in a tongue does not speak on to men but God for no one understands him however in the spirit he speaks mysteries but he who prophesies it speaks edification and exhortation and Two men keyhole speaks in the tongue

edifies himself but he who he who prophesies verifies the church but noticed some thing about Noah in the street can you zero down just on versus three took out two and four keep just to be there thanks Israel but he does prophesy it speaks into men to edification exhortation and comfort these are the three litmus test this is the plumbline of true prophecy true prophecy comes to give you a word of exhortation edification and comfort when I prophesied on your life and he creates doubt he creates pain that’s not from God that’s not from God the enemy thrives on fear and a prophesying business grows huge on fear If you don’t watch out I don’t even see you ending this year if it’s not costing fear on you it’s calling on wrath on other people no no I told of God doesn’t wish you on people but God speaks to you and hot when he speaks to you he brings edification he brings exhortation and comfort no prophecy does not guide your life what does your life is the word of God any prophecy that does not line up with this take it all out this is the greatest prophecy now in the few minutes that I have left I want to I want you to understand this your mind is very important in hearing from God that’s not how do I know that God talks to me the spirit of the Lord is speaking from your inside do you know that the Spirit of God is not on you it’s in you when he speaks The voice is never coming from out it’s coming from inside is that scripture that but I just got all the time work out your salvation with fear and trembling work it out not working and it’s in you what do you need to do is listen to him not put back that sounds 23 verse one through three the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want he maketh me to lie down in green pastures now look at the next word he says he leaders me

beside what kind of waters still Waters the place where I can cool myself off quiet myself down do you wanna hear from God unplug from the noise find a way to be just quiet we live in a place where we have noise we have TVs we have cell phones we go to work we have bills we have people we have Things to take care of without you knowing your mind is working over working so much do you wanna hear from God learn how to be quiet you know how Jesus used to do it he would withdraw himself from the crowd key goals away from everybody as a chapter 26 verse three says the Lord will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on him learn how to quiet your mind you say oh there is a time when you pray right now to talk to God sometimes God doesn’t want you to talk he just wants you to be quiet but for me the scripture that says that in a bag of chapter 2 verse 20 what does it say about book chapter 2 verse 20 and I’ll show you another one about book chapter 2 verse 20 learn how to be quiet but the Lord is in his holy temple let all the earth keep silence where is the stamp on my friends name In the Lord wants to talk what does he want you to do from the scripture your son is zip it for a minute I just allow him to talk that’s why music is so good this is what music worship especially music worship all it helps a lot because when you say it begins to cool off the noise from outside at that point you begin to unplug the scripture say skip quiet it doesn’t take long for tears to start coming down I want those tears come down it’s almost like a healing is taking place the river I’m drinking from the river and he begins to minister to me the Lord speaks to us not from outside in here I

remember September 13, 2007 I was in Germany coming from cologne going to Perez pet Paris Paris and we went through a town and I looked through the window and it says Cousin at the point right there I was singing in my native songs just worshiping and I heard a voice loud like hear your wife is waiting for you in America at that exact time that same day in Central Oregon Jessica was sick in gods face and the Lord told her your husband is coming to you within three weeks will like this I’ve never look back God doesn’t need to speak from outside don’t get direction from another person no no if any other person is going to bring a word like that would come to confirm the word that you already know here learn how to listen to him let me show you another quick voice and then will pray a little bit songs chapter 5 verse wanted to give you to my words or Lord consider what I meditation how can I add to the voice of my cry my King and my God for VIP notice that he says the human meditating he was praying learn how to learn how to meditate when we learn to meditate will begin to hear God right this second here I can let you listen to the voice of God how but just telling you keep quiet listen to the Lord when you listen to the law don’t expect a voice out there it’s something in you maybe he reminds you of something lately what I do if if I’m singing and worshiping and I think of someone I haven’t thought of in a long time I take it as the Lord wants me to pray for that person and it happens to us there’s some people you don’t think of them you think for them about them once every 78 years that moment you don’t know what you’re going through what do you do load I don’t know why you want me to think of Jane Oh Joe or John haven’t talk to them but you the Lord who led the name on my heart do something in their lives whatever they believe in you for let it be granted in Jesus name that’s how God guides us he leads us don’t you don’t say that that’s my thought and I thought your thought the Lord speaks to you constantly he says in the last days your poor out of spirit on all flesh sons and daughters will prophesy do you have the Holy Spirit not on you but in you he dwells in there you know that you can’t even ask God to give you the

spirit fathers give me all the spirit no no but I thank you that you gave me the Holy Spirit and he dwells in me what ever see when you have this wealth this treasure in your hands you know no you don’t just have to take any decision anyhow before you give an answer to any matter any decision to anything we just say I will Unplug myself I will cool down I will listen to the Lord when he speaks to you don’t expect a voice coming to your ears no just listen to what your mind is getting from him it’s him talking to you if you don’t get anything like that just open the Scriptures find what the Bible says concerning the situation

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