Go And Sin No More

Go And Sin No More

Go And Sin No More

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But I just the Lord’s been teaching me some really good stuff very practical stuff and I just have to share it because it changes me and it changes me from the inside out and that’s that’s what his word does that’s what his heart does when we adopt his heart so father I just thank you for your word thank you that nothing can change your word and we can stand on it Lord I just pray that the seeds that are that are spoken today from your word that they would go forth and they would hit fertile soil Lord and that they would begin to produce Lord in Jesus name may be your words not mine so if you weeks ago a friend of mine who is kind of notorious she’s got household her kids and she’s notorious for complaining and she’s a believer and she is just her favorite saying I guess I’m just an old sinner saved by grace and that really bothers me I don’t know hopefully nobody in here says that if you do you got a change it because that’s not true you were an Old Center, Saint by grace right now your righteous in his sight your clothes and his righteousness and she was just talking about how you know I always fall you know I’m always being patient with my kids or you not letting the best of the situation get me and she just is

constantly saying I’m an old San Jose by Gracie and I just can’t change that habit or whatever but that’s not true that’s not what his word says over us and I just I want to speak to that today because we all struggle with that familiar since big or small doesn’t matter we have them but his word says that we can change his word says it by his blood we Archie And we need to be reminded of that so I want to start talking about the same problem and if you want to turn with me to John chapter 5 John chapter 5 women start at verse five now certain man was there who had infirmity for 38 years when Jesus saw him laying there he knew that he had already been in this condition a long time I’m reading from Looky Looky James he said to him do you want to be made well the sick man answered him sir I have no man to put me into the pool when the water is stirred up but while I’m coming another steps down before me Jesus said to him rise take up your bed and walk and immediately the man was made well took up his bed and walked and that day was the Sabbath the Jews therefore did you said to him therefore who is cured it is sad but it is not Lawful for you to carry your bed he answered them who made he who made me well said to me take up your bed and walk but the one who was healed did not know who it was for Jesus had withdrawn a multitude of being in that place afterward Jesus found him in the temple and said to him see you have been made well set an a more less the worst thing come upon you and I just think the story has a lot more going on than just healing it’s a popular

passage of scripture that we use for healing but first of all we have the Pharisees hanging out there and they’re quick to jump on the situation and say you know let’s stirrups in trouble here but what’s going on and in reality is sin had caused this man whatever Senate was to not be able to walk that’s what Jesus says he says Say no more less the worst thing come upon you and you can go in and study that for yourself text Jay really good study but Jesus told him send no more if he told him that then it’s possible say no more and he says that the fall is it with less the worst thing come upon you and I’m gonna go into that a little bit and see how send really does affect us it’s not just baggage that we carry but it’s an inroad for Satan to re-Kavic in our lives and he’s good at that when we let him so I just keep that in mind that we don’t have to send any more Jesus not only said that he kind of proclaimed that they’re saying no more on the other story that we know of Where Jesus says in the more is the woman who was caught in adultery and the Pharisees were going to stone her and I know if you remember and in that story he’s he tells her go and sin no more so that’s Jesus’s heart for us if that’s his heart for them he knows what send us to his people it’s those tragedies in our lives that Jesus wants to prevent that sin causes Jesus doesn’t want us to have to deal with him and right here he saying we don’t we don’t have to send we don’t have to carry you know you reap what you sow we don’t have to test to reap the burden of sin and the destruction of sin and all that the enemy tries to stick to steal from us doesn’t have to be there so holiness in the life of a believer is so important because Can we give

into sin no matter what it is like I said big or small we yield to Satan we all are hard to say in whether it’s through our mind or actions were yielding to him even though Jesus our father were still allowing Satan’s influence to control us through our flesh and if Satan is the author of sin which we know which we know is true then that can only come from him it’s not temptation that Jesus allows you know that God sends across our path to see how well do send can only come from the author of sin and that Satan and as believers God doesn’t hold our sin against us because we’re covered by the blood our actions either release the power of Satan or the power of God in our lives and if we are yielding to God over on this side We’re saying I’m walking by the spirit I will not walk by the flash you know of course we’re going to far we know that we don’t have to we don’t have to abide in those familiar since Jesus said it’s an option it’s hard choice you know I have a friend or a family member who grew up just like the rest of us do you know wholesome family goods staffed but every decision he made growing up as he got older just cut them down and now he’s an appointed his life where he has ripped a harvest of destruction simply for making bad choices and he loves the Lord you know and but if you can’t turn one choice around and give God the authority in your life and gave God that victory And receive it and actually walking it you’re going to reap exactly what you sow and it’s so true look at the lives of all of us around you know my life I know I know what I rape because I know what I’m song and it’s you know it’s a choice just like just like he said go and sin no more so like I said God’s not holding our sins against us anymore but we can’t afford sent in our lives we can’t afford it if you

look at the cost of what it what it gives us not even worth it you know and I’m not talking about murder here you know I think we’re all beyond that but those little things they bring weeds into our lives and Pastor Chris a few weeks ago so he’s kind of thought on it more than once Soil you know and how the seeds that we plant it’s true for weeds and that’s what send us and we all know weeds they grow a heckuva faster than the than the good stuff you know and they take over and they dominate but the father is so good he pulls them out by the route he doesn’t spray weed killer on them he pulls them out when we let him so it’s again it’s our choice whether we want to produce life and be on God side with our choices or whether we want death that’s what sin causes it causes death when one form or another it causes death in our lives and because we’re reborn because we have a new spirit we get to have the Holy Spirit with us at all times and he is cheering us on you know it I think a lot of people get confused about what the job of the Holy Spirit is It’s to convict righteousness sometimes we need to go back and read that he can fix us of righteousness so he’s not saying you know the cliché where we have the devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other he’s not shaking his fingers and he’s going to do it you know or look at that opportunity get in there bring life to that situation you know are you are my beloved you belong to the father you’re better than this rise above it stand on

your feet he’s cheering a song he’s the best cheerleader we could ever have you know that’s one thing when I married Eddie the Lord showed me you know what what I can be for him I can be his greatest cheerleader but that’s what the Holy Spirit is for us if we use it that’s what he’s therefore He’s good at it so as we choose to identify sin and not partake of it we remove Satan and his strongholds from our lives and the more we do it big and small situation the better we get at it because you gain that experience and you can look back and say you know what I was victorious there I remember that I remember how it feels I remember how God brought me through and gave me the authority over that situation and he wants us to become experts at it because then you get to another level words like I don’t even wanna go there you know that’s old that’s not me anymore I’m over here now that’s you know I have nothing to do with that person anymore and walking you know that the scripture he says now he supposed to walk in the Lord So there is an option for sin and his wording and believers we have the ability not to sin when you understand the cross what Jesus did for us saying noticing actually becomes pretty easy when you look at the sacrifice and what we gain from the cross what Jesus gave to us as a gift it’s pretty easy to say noticing maybe not in the midst of it but if you stop a second look at what’s going on and what your choices are before you it’s pretty easy choice and like I said the

more you train yourself just like Paul talks about as athletes you know that picture of the Roman you know they perfected the human body the Romans were really good at that and that’s what Paul talks about training ourselves like an athlete would you know they’re not gonna get a candy bar you know I can’t afford those extra calories and whatever’s in that candy bar their body can’t afford to take that you know their bodies better than that that’s how we need to see ourselves as believers do you know that royalty Inn and Kings and Queens of his kingdom he’s giving us that authority to start carrying it the other thing that’s cool when we choose to rise above our son especially those familiar since you know that make you feel like an Old Center, Saint by grace when you rise above them saying has no authority over you and he’s gonna kind of stop trying because he knows he can’t get you he’s got a back off he’s like you know what that old trick doesn’t work anymore because look they don’t get it you know they moved on I can’t I can’t get anywhere there anymore he knows that because he knows that God is bigger than him

and he knows that we carry that authority but we got to use it I’ll sit I’ll share a story with you I like to go fast in the car I’m not one minute like speed limit and it when I was a young teenager I’d I sell them got tickets but I still had like a rebellion he was like oh I can go like you know 10 maybe 15 miles over the speed limit and probably not get caught and I’ve always done that and the Holy Spirit one day was I have to go through to school zones to get to work every day and I was just singing some praise worship in the car is about six months ago as an ongoing process but singing some praise music and Down furthest the schools 20 miles an hour you know and Holy Spirit was like good job way to go he did that without even trying and I was just kind of like I did because I was in the front you know when you’re behind somebody app slow down but I was in the front of my lane and I was like I did that without even trying and he said see how easy it is when you have this leading you to very easy and now I am over this feeding thing I mean you know and I way I like driving fast but I slow down to like 15 in school zones you know and there’s been many times that you know police come the other way and I’m like yes I’m going slow and everybody behind me have to go to sleep You know and it changes from the inside you know because if you know anybody can slow down but what my motivation was the fathers motivation you know and it wasn’t me trying to be good and struggling because I don’t want to

you know I don’t really want to slow down but I know I should I was an inward motivation it was automatic and that’s what holiness is but it’s it’s being Houlie on accident and it comes from inside not outside not an action so if you would turn with me to second Corinthians 521 second Corinthians 521 if you don’t have this one memorized I think it’s a awesome one to work on for memorizing I’m not a huge Legalistic person with memorizing scripture but there’s some good ones that we need to have second Corinthians 521 for he for he made him who knew no sin to be sin for us that we might become the righteousness of God in Christ that’s you and me right now doesn’t happen when we die it’s right now we are the righteousness of God in Christ can’t change it that’s what you get from the cross we get his righteousness nothing that we can do can give us any less nothing we can do give us anymore we are made righteous when we are in him and if you don’t know that or if you don’t believe it then you’re always in a struggle with then you’re going to be frustrated and you’re going to go on Circles because your son is going to chase you if you don’t know that you’re righteous or if you don’t believe it Jesus talks a lot about unbelief in the Bible and how distraction comes from it and most of us you know whether we grew up in church or new ad at this game it’s something that we’re not taught we’re not taught that were righteous were taught they were scum and that we yeah we have to crawl to a holy

God that’s not what his word says about us not at all that’s right where we’re old sitter saber Grace that’s not true let’s jump to another passage of scripture Romans chapter 6 Romans chapter 6 when I start a verse 16 I’m going to read a chunk of scripture again do you not know that to whom you present yourself slaves to obey you are that one slaves to whom you obey weather of sin leading to death or obedience leading to righteousness but God be thanked that though you were slaves of sin yeah obeyed from the heart that form of doctrine to which you were delivered and having been set free from sin you became slaves of righteousness I speak in human terms because of the weakness of your flesh for just as you presented your members as slaves of uncleanness and of lawlessness leading to more lawlessness so now present your members as slaves to righteousness for holiness for when you were slaves of sin you were free in regard to righteousness but what fruit did you have then in the things of what you are now ashamed for the end Those things as death but now having been set free from sin and having become slaves of God you have your fruit to holiness and the end everlasting life for the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord now Paul’s got a lot of

words in there sometimes it’s hard to muddle through some of his I Collett worthiness but there are some amazing principles in this passage of scripture and I’m going to just pull out one because a lot of us struggle with a slave idea kind of going back to religion you know I don’t want somebody to tell me what to do but the kind of slave that Paul is talking about here is like a obligated one out of choice yeah oven safe and it’s like you I want this is my duty but I’m happy to do it you know and so I want you to look I think it’s the second part of verse 16 might be 17 in that in that passage there but God be thanked that though you were slaves of sin yeah you’re a bad from the heart that form of doctrine to what you were delivered I’m gonna read it once more so you get it but God be thanked that though you were slaves of sin yeah you obeyed from the heart that form of doctrine to which you were delivered what he saying is all that automatic holiness you will beat it because it was in your heart not that’s not what used to do I mean the lawlessness came freely and easily he saying now you’re a bad from your heart it’s like an allegiant It’s where your choice was naturally his choice because he changed it from the inside out so back to the old center by save by grace we’re no longer unworthy spiritually were perfect our spirit man is perfect it’s just like God when God sees us he sees her reflection of himself and boy is he happy Bible says he sings and dances over us he’s not down there or up there you know throwing thunderbolts down he’s pretty happy he’s joining us over us most the time we don’t see it that way do you know and our little vision that we have of him but it’s true what the Bible says if you don’t believe it you might be believe in something that’s not true some of us need to Challenge those beliefs that we have and start seeing ourselves the way that

he sees us I’m just going to read a couple scriptures you don’t have to turn their Ephesians verse chapter 4 verse 24 says that and you put on the new man speaking of our new born-again spirit which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness you and I are righteous and truly holy that’s what he says over us Eddie and I were watching a preacher a while ago and he was talking about how God’s word is kind of like a prophecy over us instead of something to be obeyed and read and studied and he said do you know if you look at it like he’s prophesying over you what you get who you are what’s your called it’s kind of like him prophesying Right here in this really big book lots of prophecy in here over his children and if he says that you’re righteous and truly holy he means it so we need to start seeing ourselves righteous and truly hold me so my spirit and your spirit is truly holy and nothing we can do send can’t change that same can be a part of it but not in our spirit because we have three parks the body soul and spirit can’t touch your spirit your spirit is sealed there’s one analogy we listen to haul freight favorite preacher

and he says it’s like tanning you know when you suck that lid on with the heat or whatever that’s sealed and you and you know you have to pry it open to get this the goodies out but that’s how we are in the Lord our spirit is sealed Israel Always. But it seals vacuum back which means nothings going on nothings coming out absolutely yeah that’s pretty creative you know so so remember that when that familiar sin comes that temptation to do what you always do or the temptation to do the easy way versus the hard way whatever it is in your life that you’re struggling with remember that I am wall-to-wall Holy Spirit 1/3 of me which means I’m perfect and if I start pulling that perfection out of my spirit and feeding it to my mind and my body I’m going to start you know yielding to that perfection and we’re always in the fall I don’t focus on falling you know if you I’m not a hunter but when you do target practice stuff I remember from grade school you know you don’t look at the whole bull’s-eye you look at the very middle if you want to hit the middle that’s why you look not the whole thing because then you’re probably not even going to hit it but if you look at the middle and you focus on the middle you just might hit it so the more we think about who we are in Christ instead of our failures in our ugliness in the flesh you just might start seeing a change in your actions you just might cause God so what bigger than our flesh what is puny in comparison absolutely puny and we don’t like it in the beginning you know what I like to start with so it’s pretty easy another scripture Hebrews 1223 so speaking of the church the born-again the spirits of men Made we’re just made perfect we read again the spirits of just man made perfect perfect God likes those words he likes righteous

he likes holy he likes perfect and we’re just like him we are it’s time we start believing it and walking in it another scripture Colossians chapter 1 verse 12 through 14 we’re not gonna read the whole thing but this is another really good one to memorize least I’m trying to memorize it says that we’ve been translated or transferred to life and we are free from darkness and that’s something that you’re not at that new birth it’s hard to understand in a human way but if we look at it in our spirit there is no more darkness in us not an ounce Because where there is light there cannot be darkness so we’re full white we’re carrying a pretty awesome package and God took us out of that darkness and he placed us in light so we bring light wherever we go where do we like it or not whether were aware of it or not whether we choose to participate in it or not it’s true then you know we all say we’re in the world not of it you know right we live a separate life because he’s living inside of us but our nature has been changed the very core of who we were before they shredded literally shredded cannot come back that’s what happens it’s not just like water baptism Are you thinking yeah I’m going down and I’m coming up fresh no the water is gone you know like flush down the toilet gone shredded gone cannot come back like I talked about before resealed nothing can come in or out so religion teaches and most of us probably grew up you know in early Christianity with ideas that holiness or actions acting holy and righteous doing good things doing the right thing is what makes us holy and gives us God’s approval but it’s not true it’s not true because the only way the Bible says that we can be holy because he is holy there’s no other way if you try it the other way you’re stinky to God You’re very stinky this doesn’t work can’t be saved without the sun and it’s the sun that gives us that holiness yeah so we’re closed in righteousness and it’s the righteousness of Jesus Christ that makes us righteous nothing we can do on our own can change our righteousness can be more or less nothing we can do on our own because it if you look at it like I’m gonna do good this week do you know what that does say that you know that says Jesus and what you’re convincing yourself of is that Jesus his work was not enough he’s not enough so I got to try harder it’s not true it’s not an ounce of that is true you know what I’m going to say I am seated with Christ that

is enough that is true I’m gonna walk in his righteousness and I’m gonna let the inside come out in my actions and what the inside is you know we all know the heart speaks or out of the mouth the heart speaks right so it’s the same with within absolute same what do you focus on coming out we need to live holy lives because of the relationship that we already have with Jesus coming back to that slave idea we have we have holiness because of our relationship with Jesus Jesus bridge that gap between he and us and there’s a natural obligation but along In the core of who we are as believers to want to be righteous and the more you pay attention to that the more easy it becomes to stay on the highroad rather than the low road and truly if you look at what happened at the rebirth and what we get from the cross it’s easier to walk in the light than it is the dark actually easier course we reap the benefit of it but it’s actually easier you know I mean if you if you laid it all out and put it on paper and studied it down to the very end it’s actually easier so if if we know who we are in Christ and if we know that we are righteous it’s going to start spewing out whether we like it or not righteousness is a gift that something that is obligated to us But Jesus offered that we could receive that gift and Romans five 1718 we kind of know this one but it’s a gift that we receive through faith how many of us believe it I mean all that I’m talking about today how many of you believe that that you are righteous that you are perfect that you’re capable of not singing it’s something by faith we have to receive but the cool part about faith is that it’s not just believing it’s walking it out and having action to those beliefs you know so I am righteous I don’t have to speed I am righteous I don’t have to listen to garbage I am righteous I will talk righteous whatever it is It’s going to be a natural outflow not some

thing that we have to generate and struggle and strive to get should be natural the gift of salvation produces a changed heart and intern that changes our actions that’s the gospel any other religion out there can’t do that they can’t they have to and I will surrender this and change that and I’ll do this and that no the gospels they’re almost too good to be true news that you know what when we’re change on the inside everything else changes it’s supposed to if you know who you are it’s supposed to so we cannot clean up our actions in order to clean up our hearts it doesn’t work from the outside in how many I’ve ever tried that I have and it doesn’t work It doesn’t work you can you know you can scrub and scrub and scrub and scrub and toil and toil and oil but you’re going to fall again I remember when I was in college I would go running in the mornings and there was a morning show on a non-Christian radio channel that it was just a talk show and I loved listening to them argue and there was just very entertaining and they would play secular music in between the brakes and it was like it was high energy so it was nice to run to but I rate the seed of that in my life whether I chose to or not because I let it in and my appetite for music changed because I liked what I was hearing And those words in the songs in the concepts that are in secular music came out in me in ways that I didn’t really I didn’t see it coming but I also didn’t I didn’t plan on it those were weeds I gave Satan a pretty big door to consume me in those ways and I quickly realize what the source was going on it’s like I got a turn that radio channel pretty simple pretty easy but it was really obvious to me that there was

a death coming from just something as simple as music and non-Christian talk very simple I was in here wasn’t anything blasphemous was there anything overtly you know perverted there was I think but it was non-Christian and it planted seeds in me that were not of him and the Holy Spirit showed me later you know I had some ground to recover from that and I had to tell Satan he told me some things that he stole from me during that that season but it’s pretty dominant as simple as that you company on your own in your own lives you know that so start identifying those areas where simple very simple little things that don’t come from him they come from sin the author of sand and get rid of them get rid of them do you know identifier say it close the door and go to such a good daddy he’s so good he says you know what I’m gonna come in there just like Pastor Chris was talking about I’m going to sprinkle Fresh soil I’m going to chill it up I’m gonna get you going over again it’s an absolute promise we would you turn to Matthew 23 Matthew 23 verse 25 and 26 Jesus is speaking to those also lovely Pharisees he says well to you scribes and Pharisees hypocrites for you cleanse the outside of the cup and dish but the inside are full of extortion and self indulgence blind Pharisee first cleanse the inside of the cup and dish that the outside of them may be also clean do you hear what he said he called them blind how many of us have allowed blindness in our lives were sent worse Send abides we just glance over it but he saying we get to be clean from the inside out so let’s do it change actions can only come from a changed heart actions are the fruit to the heart produces and like I said earlier is the gospel that changes hearts if you don’t understand this principle you’ll be endlessly frustrated and full of guilt as you try to establish righteousness through your own good works

Romans 10 three we know that one any trust in your own goodness void the atonement Christ made for us Galatians 54 he can only come from one source Romans 11 six hopefully you know this one and if by grace then it is no longer works otherwise grace is no longer grace if by grace then it is no longer works Why is Grace is no longer Grace and what’s really cool about God is that Grace can never not be grace but it’s us who hast to change grace is always going to be grace in count on it you can put your money in the bank on Grace so it’s works they need to change they will automatically so really the work is not ours if you look at it that way if Jesus is work on the cross is a finished work which means there’s nothing that Hass to be added to it that’s all we really need he’s giving us every tool to accomplish what we need to do and he’s set in motion every work that needs to happen for us to be who we are but we have to believe But we have to have faith in what he said which means working it out Colossians 26 as you therefore have received Christ Jesus so walking him so walking him that free gift he steals your heart from the beginning that salvation he steals it you become a slave whether you choose to or not you just want to your stolen heart becomes a servant and we get to walk in him what better gift is that he’s giving us a manual we get to walking him just like in the very beginning the way he wanted it to be just walking in the garden just walking with him we don’t have to wait for heaven we get to experience How do you briefed on that eternal life begins now I have to wait

and you watch your life change you watch your life change the more you channeling to that spirit and pull that righteousness out feed it to your flash in your mind you’ll change automatically one month down the road six months down the road you will be a different you because you’ve chosen to focus on that righteousness he chosen to walk in him I wanted to share a story with you there was a man very wealthy man he was an art collector he loves fine art and he spent millions and millions on it has a very large collection that the art world was just jealous of Got married his wife also loved art and they continue to grow their collection and spent a lot of time together looking and talking and just sitting in there and their art collection and one day I had a son and instill that love of art in his life too and you know the father just kept collecting more and more and just filled his house with these priceless treasures and the mother grew one day and died and the father and son found a lot of sauce solace in the fact that they could just remember mom remember the time they spent together and enjoying the art talking about it and critiquing it in their own immature way and one day the boy wanted to draw his mothers favorite painting it was a little obscure Picasso and he did his you know eight year old version Painting it and that became the father’s favorite painting he hung out and framed it beautifully more than anything else that became his treasure and the sun was killed tragically in a car accident and the father found himself alone again and he tried to fill that grief you know what they are that was the only thing that really kept him going but he just he just died he fell asleep and never woke up of a broken heart and there was scuttle in the art world about this because all of a sudden this priceless collection of art was going to be going up for auction and the father had made all the arrangements ahead of time and that’s what he wanted his pieces to be auctioned off and so there were thousands and thousands of people preparing for this Said it was it you know monumental auction in the Art World and the Butler who was very close with their father wanted to be there he wanted to see the art once again and just be a part of that kind of final chapter in his life and he tried to get a good seat but he wasn’t able to get too close to the front but the very first piece of art was an anonymous piece nobody recognized it it

looked very childish but the butler saw what it was he saw that it was that boys painting and it was the father’s favorite and you know they started the auction pretty low everybody was kind of like you know what is this disappointed and the auctioneer started you know will you give me 100 nobody you know it’s not going well 75 and the butler thought about he said you know I could afford $75 for that and I would really love to have that as the father’s favorite piece he put his hand up an auctioneer tried to get some more nope nobody wanted it so they close the bidding and the auctioneer said OK you’re all dismissed the auction is over and everybody was quite upset and they all left you know when everybody’s mad left and the butler came to claim his his peace and pay for it and the auction you’re so well part of the deal was the the man the father wanted whoever to who bought that piece to get the entire collection and that’s how Jesus gives us Everything we get there was one action one main action of his death on the cross we get a really big package we get a lot in that and we’re still you know we never done we’re never done there’s always something fresh and new that he gives us through this it doesn’t stop and I challenge you get in this and automatically things will get out of your life that you don’t want in your life right now and he’s going to be glorified you’re going to be happy it’s a win-win situation and the more we get rid of things that are not of him the more room we have for him

the more blessing we have from him because we’re looking for it we’re going to see it OK we want to pray with you But I want you to be real and honest with the Lord identify some things you want out of your life because he said it’s possible not to go insane number please he wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t possible so have some real conversations with him starting today don’t wait till tomorrow make some time today go home spend some time with him do some walking and just say you know what dad this needs to go not only for me but for you for everyone I need to go and I can do it with your help and like we talked about earlier he pulls things out by the route which means it’s a done a done deal if you don’t go back to it it’s done he remove all traces of it And then you get the bonus of a change of heart and process that will automatically reflect him from from then on out and just like little kids I love being a parent because I know that it’s not overnight but things happen it’s a process but I do know that he’s there to hold her hand and walk us through it to go and just open up the front if you need prayer or want prayer

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