The Christian Family Part 8

Christian Family Part 8

Christian Family Part 8

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I have told told you about relationships I told you about dating about divorce about parenting about marriage I’ve told told you about children and last week I was talking about the spiritual dynamics of the family spiritual dynamics of the family and they were a few points that I made last week and I was just listening to up to myself and it just ministered to me also that the words that I brought here what are the things that I said was every family has issues including your family and the problem with most of us is we try to put our make up on and act as if we don’t have problems some of you sitting under the sound of my voice right now you are dealing with addiction and until you come face-to-face with that reality and say please help me out you will stay with those tanks there’s so many people that I know Either in Georgia and Colorado in New York and New Jersey and Delaware who come to church and after church go home and commit suicide


we have so many people who are in the puppet ministry day and night and go home and engage in homosexuality in affairs in watching x-ray of the materials and doing all kinds of things the problem is we have learned how to become good actors and not to be real if you have an issue one of the first thing you wanna do is recognize I have a problem you see the Bible sees that face calls those things that be not as though they are the Bible does not say faith does face goals those things that are still there not listen to me start over again face calls those things that are not as though they are but face does not called those things that are as though they are not faith recognize How is things and put a butt beauty on it and see but God will help me out of it it’s it’s it’s one thing for you to think that you don’t have issues the only person who from birth to death to Resurrection did not have an issue with the Lord Jesus Christ


the Bible states he was tempted in every way possible and yet without sin but do you know that the rest of us the best of us in the old and New Testament always has an issue now what do you don’t kill today will kill you tomorrow what you do not face today it will face you tomorrow the Bible says even in the book of numbers you sent me she will find you you have to talk talk to come face of this he honesty without plastics without make up’s without lipstick cool what am I dealing with is it my anger is it my sexual permit security Is it my desire to cuss to smoke to drink there is a way of drinking which is wrong now let me stop right there and let me make sure that this goes on live drinking in itself is not a sin drinking itself is not as in the Bible sees this when it comes to drinking and eating let nobody judge you he’s not talking about drinking water because nobody judges you want to drink water


he says when it comes to drinking let no man judge you drinking is not a problem in itself but drinking can become very dangerous it can lead to destroy your health your family and everything around you if you know the drinking is a problem why even play with it some of us we don’t have a problem watching an X-rated movie on TV oh I don’t care it’s just a movie listen there are dates for your soul First get to your soul is your ears full faith comes from the second gate to your soul is your eyes do you know that by looking into your eyes I can see your soul what you Leo eyes on will stay on your heart now in French we say this you can lie to anybody or you cannot lie to your conscious you can pretend I am OK everything is OK well the other people had heart attacks always claimed they were OK until was too late the other people who got pregnant I’m OK I played safe they played safe until they had a late for two months all what happened to my parents don’t play too safe with sin


sin is Filson even under the new covenant the Bible says in the book of Romans chapter 6 don’t you know the two whom you offer yourself as servants you become slaves Could become a slave to righteousness or you could become a slave to sin sin is still as deadly as it was in the old testament today you have to watch out you have the right to watch whatever you wanna watch on TV but what I’m telling you is this the stuff that you watch I heard in your soul that hurting your heart I’m making you week we all have dysfunctional families who is Amanda was all in fact the only man in the Bible who was filled with the Spirit of God from his mothers womb do you know his name John the Baptist John the Baptist is the only person who had the spirit of God dwelling on him in his mothers womb as good as John the Baptist was he had an issue one day he doubted Jesus in the freezer he say is he really the Messiah or should we wait for another person I’ll tell you man Paul the apostle Wrote half the New Testament had issues with anger yes read the book of acts podcast out somebody because the mouth beater had issues big issues in the book of Galatians


we find out that when he was a monks the Jews he acted like a Jewish man when the Jews were not looking at the differently in Poco Diablo hypocrite you don’t have issues really are you serious now if you don’t say you don’t have issues you just lied you have issues with lying or telling the truth that’s your issue right there do you have an individual you have issues you have to come face-to-face with those issues and the church we have to be a police with everybody with the baggage is with the field comes and feels I’m home we have to be like the prodigal son when he comes home he feels like father I’m home and daddy say wash them Do you have issues with anything just just be honest and say I have issues help me out and you don’t you don’t go tell everybody your issues because there’s some people in the church the moment you tell them your issues they have issue keeping their mouth shut they struggle with gossip as soon as you say thank you so much they pick up the phone and they put it out that you don’t want to talk to people like that but you want to talk to people like me or honestly right now I haven’t told anybody you’re dirty secret


all right let me come back I’ll be OK we all have issues and we have to deal with with those issues with the word of God secondly your family does not change myself you have to do something for your family to to change and like Deborah in the five she said a rose up as a mother and I changed I changed it one of the things that you need to do is sit down one day it’s already November it’s already December it’s already 2019 what is wrong with my family is it lack of education in this family is it the miss behavior is it loose language is it anger is it jealousy is it pride is it hypocrisy is it duplicity is it sexual impurity is just not being sexually pure do we have those issues how do I fix these issues until you do that nothing will happen I realize in my my life well data one day I was sitting with Jessica I said it doesn’t really matter how much money you make if you don’t have a budget and then we started thinking what is a budget budget to simply tell him the money what to do and if you don’t tell your mother Your money will tell you what to


do Leica take me to the mall take me online let’s go shopping yes sir I will do that your money will tell you take me to dinner not any dinner tonight take me to dinner in a fancy restaurant downtown DC and then next week second I made so much money while the money went with the money told you to go and most people don’t realize that if you don’t have a budget your money will tell you what to do with it what is the budget is simply saying well I have $1000.50 you belong to the light 60 you belong to Internet or 20 you belong to gas 25 you belong to this this you belong to that and by the end of the sheet right on special paper you wrote thousand you should say zero at the end of it if you do all No the expenses and by the end still have half left then you lost something out somewhere here let’s go back a budget simply means all my money by the time I do my calculations I what I pay this debt and I save this and I put this in ministry by the time I’m done with this it should read zero at the bottom of it if it doesn’t rain zero the leftover will tell me what to do with it and I will not be in charge it will be in charge of me the same thing like you do a budget with your money you do also a self assessment with yourself as an individual and as a family in my going forward or am I going down backwards it’s


OK to come to church and stick your hands in the air and scream hallelujah hallelujah but it might going forward or am I going backwards every family has issues and those issues don’t fix themselves you have to do something about it You must fight for the family but today when I wanna show you is against Sunstop to 127 verses one and three let’s so let’s just call 11 and two verse one and two I want to show you the hallmarks of a godly family the whole Mark’s Hallmark hallmark HALLMARK Hall marks till in the book of songs of 127 verses one through two in the king James version can we do the king James not the amplified except the Lord builds the house the labor in vain the building except a bowl kit the city the watchman wake up but in vain and his van for you to rise up early to set up later to eat the bread of sorrows so he gives his beloved sleep the Bible he shows us that the family has two levels to dynamics the natural dynamic the natural level what I can see with my eyes what I can Touch and there is also the spiritual dynamic of my family that which I don’t see what happens behind the veil behind


behind the natural realm the Reza spiritual realm for my family and now it shows us in this passage unless the spirit realm controls my family my family is doomed except the Lord is involved in the machinery in the working out in the functioning of my life of my house of my family nothing happens now I want you to remember that the Lord is spirit so basically what happens is the outcomes of my life are dictated by the spirit realm what I see in the physical here is a manifestation of what happens in the spirit if God is not involved in what I am doing I’m just dumb to It’s OK it’s fine for you to rise up early set up Layton to eat the bread of sorrows that means that you can work hard and get bread but it came at a very gusty price but he calls the bread of sorrows but remember what the Bible sees the blessing of the Lord make us one rich and he adds no sorrow’s there is a way that God wants to relate to us that I get my bread without the sorrows and how do I get there I have to let him be the guide be the pilot beat the


boss be the master be everything I am here just to follow the steps of the road do you want me to go to left or you want me to go to Ralph F Gardens and walk in the workings of my life by the end of the day I come out victorious no problem with me the problem with you is we trying to figure everything out by out Call peanut brain let me tell you this life is too big too rich for you to figure it out with your own brain unless the Lord builds the house unless what is gods place in your life what does God mean to you what does the word of God mean to you by the end of the day you’ll have to decide am I going to be led by my own understanding all by the word of God am I led by what people say or is this the final authority in my life unless the word be the final authority in my life I’m just wasting my time the spirit realm controls what I see here in the earth where is God in your finances where is God in your Health Where is God in your work some of us we are like the church called The Church of Law decision Revelation chapter 3 Jesus sees inverse 20 behold I’m standing outside and I’m knocking on the door if any man he was my


voice and opens up I will come in to meet up into him and I will dine with him that is a very bad scripture that is a sad picture right there it says right to the church for church of Jesus or two or three assemble together in my name I’m in the midst welcome that he says I’m at the door he’s not supposed to be at the door of the church is supposed to be inside of the church in Revelation chapter 3 verse 20 says I’m outside here I’m knocking on the door and I’m telling you man you look good this morning you have your make up on and you have your Christian outfit on but in their cries Is outside the door of your job he’s outside the door of your finances he’s outside the door of your language he’s outside the door of your communication you are in here and he’s outside would you please allow me in because if I do not build you up you’re wasting your time building yourself up in vain it’s time to bring Jesus back to where he belongs he does not belong out there knocking on the door if he’s knocking out the door who am I having fellowship in here inside when my Lord and my savior is out there it’s time that you inventory your life are you still going to be in charge or are you done being in charge are you going to throw the flag and say I’m sorry I surrender I made a big mistake with mine when I came to the


Lord the first thing was assume that anyone who comes to the church is a Christian and that’s a big mistake People know how to talk Chris Chinese question is is a language that the lingua of those who go to church screamed hallelujah and Abdel Halle way in Christ is not in there it’s time to be genuine it’s time to be yourself and say hi I am a Christian and I’m not ashamed of it Jesus is the master he’s the Lord of my life I heard Andrew Warmack say there’s no point Jesus being Savior in your life if he’s not load the Bible does not say if you believe in Jesus he says if you believe in the Lord Jesus he has to be Lord of all in your life Nehemiah chapter 4 verse 14 and 15 and 16 Nehemiah chapter 4 and I looked up in Rosa Parks safe and nobles into the rulers of To the rest of the people be not afraid of them remember the Lord which is great and terrible and fight for your brother and your sons for your daughters for your wives and your houses and it came to pass without enemies heard that it was unknown and told us and got about the Castleton out that we returned all of us to the wall everyone at his work I stop right there Nehemiah was rebuilding the city of Jerusalem the Jews had been taken captive into Iraq by king


the king later when it was taken out the king that only took them out but he burned everything behind them houses the table everything Nehemiah comes back it’s been over 100 years he comes back here to Jerusalem he’s find the city in Orion the temples not there not their houses are gone there’s no field is nothing it’s time for him to rebuild No has he started to rebuild the enemies of Israel colluded together and got permission to stop the rebuilding project so Nehemiah petition the king to have these enemies stopped in the tracks so the king wrote to stop the enemy in the tracks near myosin I’m not gonna be foolish enough to think that these people are just gonna stop I’m gonna build but fight them at the same time so what he did he give them two things I’ll give you a break but also give you a sword I’m gonna build here but if you come to impede the work of God I’m gonna just saying I’m gonna arrange the meeting between you and God I like how you heard this morning right yeah and in that scripture we switch him I said this we build the work of God but we fight for our families have you thought for your family if you Fight for your family the implication being your family is always under attack by the enemy not let me let me tell you this how does the enemy attack you the enemy attacks you through accusations through accusations accusation remember how Revelation chapter 12 sees the enemy was hurled down here who is the accuser of the brethren Satan


fights you with accusations no accusations is everything negative side against you accusations have two levels there is the lower level of accusation and there’s the highest level of accusation the lowest level of accusation is the sins you commit it’s the things that you do by breaking the word of God when you know that you should be doing this you do it you break that the enemy will build the case Yes you know the devil look at me here most of us we had this idea that God sits here in Heaven on Earth on his head judge God and the devil stands right here wearing a red suit and they bring the vacuum that he was here and then you present yourself here before God and judge God sister and the enemy starts to accuse you this is the man he did this this man he stole this man he smoke this man he got drunk this this guy he he killed somebody and then I’m here to accuse him give me permission to destroy him and then got ask you now sir did you do all these things that the enemy side and then you have to argue back-and-forth back-and-forth that’s the idea that most people have with God that there’s no Christ heals Dance next to USA


yes Satan Mr. Satan you may be right but I’ve already forgiven him that’s not how it happens this concept most people even have that but on the last day we will all stand in a long line next yes or I’m coming there angels open the name and then say how do you spell in a baby you are OK I’ve got his file ready and then they pull out this stack on March 1, 2015 you were standing on the corner of seventh and you did this I didn’t then the movie power flashes right now and then you can see yourself doing whatever oh my God on the other day on the other end of the day I was accusing you and then finally God will tell the angel by the way is his name in the lambs book of life And then the angel will pull out this huge boat so what’s your name again are you is your name is the name is there or not that’s what people think but this is not true this is not true on the last day you cannot be judged on this day on this day unless they did this why because in heaven there are no records of sin in heaven there are no records of sin if you don’t believe me read Hebrews chapter 11 do you see these people named the men of faith Abraham mental faith Moses mental faith David they write nothing evil about them in those books in the


book that you have and surprisingly even Sarah is known as the mighty woman of faith the same Sarah who doubted God the Bible says she was a mighty woman of faith why because in heaven there is no record of him Jesus said if you believe in me come on you have gone from death into life and you know the last group to ride the punching line it says this there is therefore no condemnation to those who are in Christ for if any man be in Christ come on he is a new creature if they try to even dig out a place on March 7 yourself it does not exist in heaven anytime you commit a sin here on earth that sin is never in your spirit because your spirit can never see him he who is born of God cannot send why because your spirit right now is seated in heaven in the highlife in high places with Christ Jesus that’s why you don’t have to worry am I gonna make it to heaven or not oh brother One of these days the top of Mesa View may miss the rapture you haven’t read the Bible sir I’m not hurting her to make it make it to heaven heaven lives in me I live in heaven Jesus said you will know that I am in you you are in the father and we are together if I am in him how can I miss having you can worry about heaven I’m


worried about bringing heaven here on earth right now but when you commit a sin the part of you that since it’s the part that does not need to be saved that part is called your soul your spirit is the part that is saved if any man be in Christ he is a new creature that part of you cannot be born again again and again remember what the big deal was told I told Jesus how can a man be born again after he’s already been born Can he go back in his mouth what does that mean it is this if you are saved that’s it you cannot lose it and then go back again in the in the blood of Jesus and come out again and I grew up in a churchman where I was born again and a 12 lost it at two again at four lost it at six God born again there was a guy in this country and God bless his heart he’s already gone when he was born he was back but he developed a sickness where it was called vitiligo and the medical profession had to change his skin completely where he did not look anything dark again he look pale or wider than white people’s hair was long when I was a kid he used to play this song called thriller but in that guy His passport as why does his boss receipt be because once you have that drop of blood in you you cannot lose it if I teach you the grace of God and I don’t make you question like are you saying I’m safe then I didn’t say it to you


then I have to teach you the grace until you ask me so do I have the license to go do anything I want to know if you ask me now so I can’t do anything there’s a problem here the problem is this year me when my mother wind me from breast-feeding me that was it I never went back to it why does it sound good why there’s nothing in me the desires of mothers milk if you are truly born of God Add sin does not appeal to you you can try I won’t work I know a gentleman in DC one day he was a single guy and maybe four years ago he called me so can you please come and pick me up then I went and picked him up at the bar tender at all you just walked in the door how long ago I said what about 20 minutes ago why aren’t you staying there why are you going back home he said I tried I don’t belong here I don’t belong here I can’t but why did you go there so I’m a single guy I thought maybe if I go there can you not meet the lady and then start a relationship but as soon as I walked in there I did not belong there if you are truly born-again man you just don’t belong and sent you don’t belong in it anyway let’s come back to the judgment here so when I commit a sin The devil accuses me but he does not accuse me to god why the Bible tells me in Romans chapter 8 who will accuse the elect does God and the devil talk no does God and the devil fight no has the devil ever seen God never even angels have never


seen God why it’s impossible to see God and stand on your 2 feet again if you say God fights the devil it’s an assault to God God does not have to insult the devil to fight the devil just by doing this the devil is gone and his memory is gone but who does the devil accuse and who the devil Achilles’ heel to your unconscious accuses you in your own heart first John chapter 3 verse nine Our heart accuses us that’s where your heart accuses you know when your heart Achilles’ heel it makes it impossible for you to flow in the things of God that is how the enemy gets to you when you do something wrong he starts accusing you to send that is the lowest form of accusation how do you deal with sin when you commit a sin you say a word you don’t you’re not supposed to say you do something you’re not supposed to do how do you deal with it you have to stand in the righteousness of God acknowledge you did wrong and thank God that he showed it to you and MoveOn from that the Bible sees agree with your accuser on the way to the judge if the devil tells you you know what you did that was wrong so yes you’re right it was wrong but thank God I’m the righteousness of God The second level of accusation it’s while people talk about you it’s how people talk about you whatever you do people are always accusing you you are not this


you’re not that you are not this you’re not that that is worse than sin it’s called witchcraft witchcraft and it’s self is not a demon spirit of witchcraft no let me show you the scripture Galatians of the 519 Galatians chapter 5 verse 19 witchcraft is not a spirit witchcraft is a condition of the falling man it’s something every human being is capable of practicing now the works of the flesh a manifest every single human being I want to operate in witchcraft witchcraft is awesome guy whore flies in the night and then they cut your neck and that’s something else but witchcraft is the ability to project evil on other people the ability to cause remember this life and death is worth when you use your tongue to talk to release death that is witchcraft now the works of the flesh and the demons know the names of demons now the works of the flesh which are a manifest which RVs adultery fornication uncleanness lasciviousness next bit first 20 idolatry and what snacks and I just told you it says the work on the flash doesn’t say these are demons I said what I have a spirit of fornication you don’t have a spirit of all Acacian you love fornication you ever seen a Demon come to you and strip meal no and I’ve never seen a person get up in the morning coming home what happened to the stupid


no you know you were going to do it that day and night before you knew you were gonna do it the week before you knew you were going to do it you struggled with that you struggle it says the work of the flesh not the spirit now we are going to buy the spirit of witchcraft brother you can buy nothing will go nowhere I was praying for this one lady at the border of Niger in booking a fossil that she was mad and she was talking talking Grandma brought her to me and her mom let’s pray that lady just looking at me like this all right let’s take a break and stay there I’m gonna go pray for us I need to know what’s going on here as I’m starting to pray right now how do you press just speak in tongues father in the name of Jesus show me what am I doing wrong I’m tired of this thing and the Lord told me you were trying to cast the demon that doesn’t exist you’re cussing out a demon that doesn’t exist that lady doesn’t have a demon she has a mental condition she doesn’t need the liver she needs healing see you can go far deep into the demons and stuff until you create demons that don’t even exist sometimes the devil is even Amazing


how we describe wow they will let me do this the devil made me do that the devil made me do this and I can let people do that I didn’t know that which Devil are we talking about the one that the Bible says he was stripped naked destroyed the cross or are we talking about a different day for that God doesn’t know that the devil himself doesn’t know or are we just talking about these things put together one man who just appeared to be some thing here in the works of the flesh or witchcraft what is witchcraft is this ability in your heart to wish evil on somebody else that is what witchcraft witchcraft is the ability to present you know this the devil cannot touch you demons can never touch you without you allowing them for another person and allowing them and beside that is filled with the spirit as we are we cannot stop the devil from coming here No and I can tell he’s coming in anytime Jesus when he was eating the last supper the Bible says as soon as the JUNOs took the Mozel the devil Anthony and what was the devil right there with Jesus at the table if Jesus could not keep the devil away from his table you and I cannot kill him away from here beside the devil I’ve told you he’s not omnipresent he cannot be in Lawton and he may Maryland at the same time wherever he is now he’s not here right now he’s probably England right now he’s probably in Germany right now so I worry about them that’s come back but the accusation is anything that is spoken against you when you read in the Bible it says over


and over the words of the enemy I like our rules the words are like arrow Yes how how does this happen I’m from one of my family and everybody has always said things against my dad against my mom gets my people group those people are always that they’re always this not one person saying accusation against me another person says accusation against me these accusations put together empowers the enemy to come against me some of the pain you have in your body right now it’s somebody talking evil on you and think about this words carry power how do you stop the words the Bible says enough is it up to 5454 verse 17 no weapon formed against you shall prosper and every tongue that rises up in judgment in opposition against you you shall condemn What do you do you stand up and you say I cut off every accusation in my family over my children over my finances in the mighty name of Jesus let me stop you quickly and tell you something most of us we don’t need prayer when things don’t go right you don’t always need prayer in fact when things don’t go right the last thing you need is prayer when things don’t go right Jesus said this whoever shall speak to this come on talk to me church whoever shall speak to this mountain and say diesel removed and be cast in the sea shell not doubting inside by so believe whatever he says he shall have whatever he sees Jesus did not say who am I I’ll pray to God to remove a mountain shall have his prayers answered when you deal with mountains you


do not need to pray now let’s redefine prayer prayer is an a humble attempt from the Christian from the believer to approach God and say I can’t do this by myself please help me it’s your hand of faith reaching out in the heart of God I said daddy come to my rescue do not be worried the anxious of nothing but in all things make your requests known to God so prayers and thanksgiving let’s not talking about mountains what do you need some when you are facing hard issues is not a prayer you need to enforce the blessing what is enforcing the blessing the blessing is not something that is outside of you it’s something That is already inside of you you pull it out and you channel it towards a goal you rise up and you say I decree I command you get remove you go this way everything make away let there be light that is what most of us we need we don’t need prayers prayers you can pray for somebody present if you have reached the bottom of your life and you can pray but when it comes to things that are not working you need to commend one of those things is the command over your family look in your family what are we dealing with in my family and my children now begin to channel the blessing of God in every area in the life I tell you man some of the things that I have personally suffered it was not the enemy per se it was just somebody who was spewing this poison out their poison in building a case building a case until the enemy Since that and brought it against me when the Lord showed me one day and I’m not gonna go into much detail as he was one Wednesday or Thursday night I


was in this place I was someone sitting here and then I could see this person spilling stuff and this darkness coming to over commit and in this position I don’t need help from outside because God showed me the power is already here rise up from here and speak against it and that’s a start it right to speak against it it’s just like it left me saying I’m not gonna go there but it’s time for you to fight for your family how do you fight for your family you look at your kids and you start targeting the blessing of God and then I speak life over you I speak life over if you have children sleep in the bedroom and then the sleeping and just lay your hands on them and say I communicate the grace of God on you you will succeed you Will not die at that point you were speaking you are channeling everything in my life to line up with the purposes of God thank you and I promise you I was gonna tell you about the hallmarks of our godly family and I have not told you anything about it all the time done it’s just reviewing last weeks material I’m not gonna tell you about the Hallmark so far I’ve gotten the family because I feel my heart this is exactly what God wanted me to tell you but some of the things that you are facing right now some of the things that are dragging you down now it’s the powers of evil coming to guess why because somebody speaking evil against you read it in the book of Psalms read it in the book of acts of the apostles Paul says that often times he was handed to go where God wanted him to go


because of the accusations The evil one is a scripture web for Jesus tells Peter this is a new chapter 22 Simon Simon Satan has requested you to sift you like wheat but I have prayed that your face value not when you are converted reaffirm your I’ll touch your brothers listen to that Simon Simon Satan has requested you how do you set a request Simon says go to heaven is it not give me Simon know there’s only one part in the Bible when you see a man going in the presence of God and saying can you give me a job and want to die till the devil behold all he has is yours somebody makes a world of God awful job to the devil no no no Could you slow down get you a good dictionary look at every word you read the Bible compared in the dictionary behold all she has is yours that’s what God told the devil in the case of job it’s not like you did Giovani see you sure about this God cannot tell job and give them to Satan why because God does not obey to the devils command if the devil say give me a job and God takes job and gives him devil the devil he has just obey the devil the devil has made God do something but what did God say behold all he has is yours look at that word again behold what he has is not will be what happened the devil did not know job was already his when he was requesting the devil job How


do we know the job was already of the devil or belong to red Devil Picazzo have Sand how fallen short of the glory of God job live before Christ shed his precious blood on the cross in the whole world was under the power of darkness all of it Satan was too dumb he just did not know that the devil the job belong to him and I told him you don’t need to request my job is already else is already yours but the devil does not request us to god how did the devil request Simon he went through Judice Judas one to talk to the Pharisees that was the Devil requesting Simon and Jesus said I have prayed for you you know that when Jesus is parent being paraded in front of everybody and they asked Peter do you know him I don’t know him and the third time when done You are one face and crises right here in passing if I know this guy may I be a cursed and cry stones around looked at him and then Peter looks at Jesus and he heard the noise remember right the rooster right across or cock-a-doodle-doo in the Bible states and Peter remembered what Christ told him what a better remember he remembered rice told him this is a spiritual matter I’ve already taken care of it Satan has requested you but I’ve already prayed for you when Jesus look at Peter Peter did not look at Jesus and felt guilty that’s what you assume he felt so guilty he didn’t feel guilty because if he felt guilty why didn’t he does follow him what stop him from following him I’m sorry Take me to he wasn’t feeling guilty at all the Bible tells you he remembered before the rooster crows children denied me but I have already covered


your man when people look to Jesus he said himself man tonight would have been much worse if this man had not covered me up with his prayers when he was crying he was loving on Jesus it was love in Christ a while this is how much he loves me see when Christ rose up the first thing he told Peter he told them how do you love me a better size I do what did you read my shit why because Bella was told by Christ the Devil has request due I have covered you but when you are converting take care of your brother and him Peter never apologize for denying Christ in fact I’m denying Christ did not protect him what protected him was the love of Christ and let me tell you this some of the things that you are suffering now it could’ve been much worse than what you think but you have an advocate with the father who has covered you that’s why the Bible say count it all come on now count it all joy because he who is my advocate with the father has in the end and he’s already covered me and then my turn I have to love him by doing good the people in my life my man

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