Prepare For War
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Prepare For War

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I want you to turn with me to the book of second Chronicles chapter 12 and Wes thank you so much I had to tape what you were saying because I saw that was a different person and that’s one thing when the Holy Spirit is upon the person they do some thing that she wouldn’t expect them to do we know him when I look at Waze he doesn’t seem like the screaming preacher he seems like just the opposite he seems you’re like totally different but when the Spirit of God comes upon that guy and then he’s like a lion he’s like a wild man I know that’s for that’s the kind of ministry we like hey man second Chronicles chapter 12 let’s read verses 13 and 14 I’m reading from the new King James version of the Bible the skin room real bone strength in them self in Jerusalem and rain no real bomb was 41 years old when he Became king and he ran 17 years in Jerusalem the city which the Lord has chosen out of the tribes of Israel to put his name there his mothers name was and Emma and Emma notice and he did evil because he did not prepare his heart to seek the Lord amen this is just one of those scriptures I just can’t seem to get out off I have ministered on the scripture here about two times already and this puppet but for some reason it just keeps coming my wife always tries to ask me what are you going to talk about tomorrow and when she was asking me about this morning I was like I have 1000 things that I’m excited about to talk about on one hand I want to talk about commitment on one hand I want to talk about spiritual warfare on one hand I want to talk about the believers authority on the other hand I want to talk about the power of the Holy Spirit but this morning he just made it clear to me to talk about prepare for war Prepare for war there’s a saying that says this any nation that wants to leave in peace should prepare for war prepare for war before I get to explain to you the cemetery of us you will not walk accidentally with the Lord if you do not prepare your heart to walk with him you need to have a plan how are you gonna get there let’s say in 1015 years are you still going to be hot and so excited about walking serving Jesus oh are you going to fall to the wayside but not only that you also need to have a plan for when the enemy attacks you what are you gonna do again before I explain this let me tell you this each believer should always have a plan and a strategy about what to do in a crisis situation for instants When I come down with the flu with a cold with allergies what do I have in plans what are you gonna do what are you gonna do when you have a fever somethings about to happen in your life because we live in a fallen world sickness funeral death in the family accidents going to the hospital losing money going through a spiritual drought in your in your household what do you have in place to counter the enemy when he comes against you usually most believers don’t have a Plan B to fall back on when the heat the crisis when you come in when you go through trouble think of a young couple that doesn’t go through premarital counseling because we are so in love man she’s the best thing since butter popcorn oh well all right when you go on their honeymoon after 57 days of stoppage Yes I saw you I saw that when you go on our honeymoon for three weeks and return OK when the honeymoon experience wears off and you do you hate the challenges the real challenges of marriage then what do you have in place to survive your marriage or the crisis that will hit your marriage what do you have said in your heart but listen in case I lose my career in case my wife is in the hospital in case I’m in the hospital what do I do do you know like off most employers when they hire you they show you some safety things that they have in place in case we have a fire in this building this is the drill everybody we assemble on that location and we count it Rebody and we walk 500 feet away from the building and we call 911 you have this policy set up in case there’s an emergency on this workplace this is what we do you call this person if they’re not available he called this other person that’s this is the chain of command what do you personally have in case of a crisis in case of a crisis and sad to say that most of us the only plan we have if sickness hates us let’s go to the hospital and not trying to put down the hospital thank God for the hospitals and I believe personally my heart without the hospitals most Christians would’ve been dead because most Christians don’t know how to stand in the promises of God most Christians don’t know how to appropriate Isaiah chapter 53 and not make it more than a theology becoming like a real word on which I’m standing like I’m standing on this word by his stripes I was healed know what if you were because you’re wealthy sickness that is this this body is called the corruptible body it’s bound to happen and you know what’s so funny even some of the most anointed ministers of the gospel always come down with the sickness the always one of the greatest healing ministries in the past 100 years was a Catherine Coleman she died in the hospital think about Smith Wigglesworth he had kidney stones Elijah the prophet the man of God the Bible said he died sick so sickness is something that is bound to happen to you full had one of his brothers a culture of troponins he wrote to Timothy and say traumas almost died of sickness and he wrote to Timothy himself because you have stomach aches I advise you take a little wine so just to say that Sickness is something that is bound to happen now I believe in healing I have seen the Lord supernaturally heal people through my ministry or through my hands and I have seen other people being healed through the hands of believers but I’m not a foolish man to think that you will live until either Jesus return all your debt without coming down with something that’s that’s so blinding wild oats sickness is bound to happen because we live in a fallen body we we breathe in polluted air we drink sometimes contaminated water weed we eat some stuff so this body is not perfect what do you have in your safe in your arsenal of tools as a plan to fall back on and I think a wise believer or what is Christian family you should always have a current conversation like just picking an example here Mike and Sharon the kids and the grandkids Down to sit sit down and talk in case we face a sickness in this family this are our plans first of all we have Sam’s 91 this is our promise scripture he who dwells in under the shadow of the Almighty shot abide under the wings of the most high sickness and pestilence cannot come against you we have to stand on this some scriptures it just amazes me how some believers don’t have any scriptures that they have memorized but they have sent the teeth and say I will die believing in this mouth either leave by this or die by this and unfortunately most believers don’t have any any verse that they have made this is my verse you have to kill me physically before you better scripture out of my heart what do you have personally in case in my family we get to a place where we have no income how do we survive this Do you have any scripture to stand on that guarantees you prosperity in a time of famine in time of crisis what how do you relate to God when it comes to a crime it’s financial crisis what do you stand on and you know the word of God should be more than a theology it should be a culture it should be second nature something that you you do because that’s who you are you can’t be divided between dick and the value in the word of God having a strategy to fall back on that is on the side of preparing your work but even walking with God just walking with God daily it doesn’t happen accidentally I have seen and you probably have seen two people who is so much of this brother this lady is church started at 7 AM at 4 AM she was already there she called 067 other people to see if they need a ride I’ll swing by there and pick you up a year after that that lady so depressed she’s so tired she’s not even want to talk about it how what happened a person never just falls out of love with God accidentally if you have to walk with God for the rest of your life you need to have a plan you need to have a strategy you need to have a plan you know it’s a shame that society today has come to place with people now are so scared of commitment to a spouse to amend to a woman that before even married they have to sign up what they called a prenup and I believe that’s what it’s called right printer prenuptials in case this marriage doesn’t work out nobody touches another person’s assets if I walked in this marriage with 2345 houses I walk out of this with my three for five houses how does the demo Any culture sinking society where people are so scared of committing their lives to a spouse well it happens because people don’t prepare the hearts to say if I’m going to be married like my wife was telling me when were still dating I’m not only committed to you but I’m committed to God but I am also committed to the institution of marriage itself because God himself the maker of heaven and earth the wisest of wisest said I hate divorce God to make her say oh I hate divorce man I think I should just grab onto that and say you know what Jessica if you’re gonna leave me I’m gonna go with you if you go back up and leave me just around because you see any following you I’ll go wherever you go because God says hi I hate the fox say when I’m trying to lay down out there is You need to have a plan to fall back on the story of real butter that verse 14 I just can’t get my mind out of it it says riverbottom did evil simply because he did not prepare his heart to stick the Lord he and he did evil because he did not prepare his heart to see the Lord what do you understand from the Scripture seeking the Lord will protect you from the evil doing evil has only one exclamation you never took your time to device a plan to prepare your heart to say come what May I will follow God even if in this nation it comes to place with Bibles out loud and it become illegal for an American citizen to be a Christian I have made up my mind No matter what I would lose all my benefits as a citizen just to follow God it doesn’t happen accidentally it happens because you have set your mind on it you have meditated on that you have chewed on it see in addition to having a time where we call Bradley come here as a family to sit God you need to have a personal walk with God goes win we will stay in judgment before God God will not say been facing a walk in here and all of us we walk in there nope he will call you yourself James Connor come up step to the plate you will not answer in the name of been faith you will answer in your own then you need to have a personal commitment to God there are some things that need to be a priority in your life like in my life the first thing is God first God first my wife second my kids Third but God first city first the kingdom of God and just sinking your teeth and that Matthew chapter 6 verse 33/61 the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added onto you just sick first the kingdom of God I’d rather lose my job and rather lose my sanity but not god you have to prepare your heart say I have made up my mind I will follow Jesus so real boom did not did he did evil simply because he did not prepare his heart let me tell you everything you do wrong in your life all the evil you do wrong it’s because you did not have a plan what would you do when you are facing this temptation think about the more Jesus Christ we see him fasting for 40 days and Satan came to tempt him three times he told Jesus first of all If you are the son of God if you are the son of God turn the stones into bread why did Jesus say it how did Jesus answer I’ll defend him self he didn’t say set an arrow want to talk about about this I am the son of God no you’re not lol yes I am no you’re not yes I am yes I am not in that kind of debate he simply said it is written man shall not live by bread alone why what how did Jesus know that you know if you think of Jesus in this way Luke chapter 2 verse 50 to say that and the child Jesus grew in wisdom and in favor with man and with God Jesus grew in wisdom that means in his spirit he had all the wisdom of God but in his soul and a nice body he didn’t have it his soul and he Buddy had to line up with the truth in a spirit Jesus being the word of God still had to humble himself and research the Bible and he read Deuteronomy chapter 8 verse three that’s the one he was quoting in Matthew chapter 4 verse four mentioned live by bread alone but by every word that comes from the mouth of God Jesus took his time if you read Matthew chapter for Jesus being tempted for 40 days you make us think that well you know he was god that was no temptation yes it was a big temptation how did Jesus overcome Satan Jesus had taken time to study the word now I like how the Bible shows us only one instance in Jesus’s childhood when he’s 12 years old remember they go to Jerusalem and he’s lost in the crowd Mary and Joseph can’t find them three days after that they find him in the temple Do you know what he was doing the temple he was asking questions now you know that the theology of a question a question reveals your heart I know your heart by the questions that you ask your questions reveals your heart when Jesus was asking these questions to these teachers of the law it shows his heart he was thirsty for the word of God he wasn’t asking them these questions to set traps Jesus wasn’t asking them questions to post himself opposite you know what smack on the top of the food chain I may be 12 years old but do not know all these things in and out no he was genuinely asking those questions out of humility so can you tell me what Deuteronomy chapter 8 size and the teacher say what it says Manzano live by bread alone and Jesus would ask him why why by bread alone what is the real Then here is it the man of the flesh or the man of the heart I’m just trying to get sidetracked but the point is that when Jesus overcame sit in the wilderness it was not accidentally he had taken about 30 years studying the word of God Jesus walked out of the wilderness Inn looked up the first 18 or 16 actually he goes in the temple in a senator in the synagogue in Capernaum of Nazareth and they hand them to the role does the scrolls the Bible says that he just opened it and he knew exactly where to go on that specific Sunday they had to find Isaiah chapter 61 I believe so the Spirit of the Lord is upon me because he’s annoying me but Jesus just open the scroll and he pointed ones they read it and he started reading how did Jesus not he had memorized the whole scroll not because he was

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