Healing Bible Study Part 1
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Healing Bible Study Part 1

Healing Bible Study Part 1

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Go with me to the book of Mark chapter 8 let’s read verses 22 through 26 is a small a few weeks that I’ve been talking about healing but with a special emphasis on ministering healing to somebody and just by way of introduction let me tell you that ceiling people today is not up to God God is not the one sitting on the throne screening people’s profiles and say that one yes the other one no healing is not up to God today healing today it’s up to you and me just like salvation believe that salvation is all of God none of the men but as far as God is concerned when Jesus died on the cross that was all the grace of God manifested because the world sees the law came through Moses but grace and truth came through Jesus Jesus came in the world that was all the grace of God and he came in the world 2000 years before you and I were born so your salvation my salvation today is not all up to God it’s up to me do I receive it or do I reject it and the same thing applies to healing it’s not up to God who gets healed and who doesn’t get he’ll know sometimes we pray for people sometimes use of my stand in and out in faith for your healing and it doesn’t come to pass the Lord is never the variable in a case with healing is not present we are the variable all the people around us and this right here doesn’t work by Mark was just a highlighting we’re gonna learn some thing tonight and I believe that the Lord will minister to us through these words in March up to

eight starting from which 22 to 26 when he comes to bed cedar and they bring a blind man onto him and beside him How to touch him and he took the blind man by the hand and let him out of town and when he had spit on his eyes and put his hands up on him he asked him if he saw it and he looked up and said I see men as trees walking after that he that’s Jesus put his hands up again upon his eyes and made him look up and he was very short and so every man clearly that’s in verse 25 but notice what it says also in verse 26 then Jesus sent him away to his house saying need to go into town Motel anyone in the town right here we are presented with a case of a man who is blind and Jesus praise for this man more than once and it seems like very strange that Jesus will pray for somebody and healing will not be perfected in that person Immediately like we see with other cases with Jesus anytime Jesus prayed for heal someone healing was always a one time thing just like be healed and the person was healed by Jesus never went back on the person that sold for healing for the second time but in this case we are presented with something totally different we have a man who is blind Jesus goes to this down all Jesus goes here this man is brought to Jesus and Jesus praise for this guy he asked the man what do you see the man opens up his eyes I see people walking but they look like trees in the Bible shows us the Jesus prayed for him a second time you see what I find out tonight is it possible is it OK to pray for the same healing twice If I pray for someone is it OK for me to check with them physically to see if the ceiling is effective or no because sometimes we who come from a face background we also have an idea that if I pray for someone I just have to MoveOn but it’s because we don’t realize

that feeling in itself has a mechanism but once triggered before fruition it can be slow down and I have the job as the minister of the word of God you have a job as a minister the word of God to make sure that nothing stops that mechanism that was triggered the first time so we’ll see in the word of God for some people you need to pray for them more than once you need to lay hands on them more than once Not that the second time you pray for the same thing you are canceling what happened first what happens is in before we come back here when we go to Ephesians chapter 6 verse 18 where Paul talks about spiritual warfare he makes a very amazing point inverse 18 what does he say praying always with all prayer and supplication praying always with all prayer and supplication praying always with all look at that word all another word that is synonymous with that word all is all kinds of prayers various types of prayers the idea in that scripture in itself is there are more than one ways to Hey there more than one ways to pray and when I pray one way I can switch the way I pray to a different way without canceling it and in all types of prayers I have identified at least six types of prayers I have heard of the ministers who have gone as far as nine types of prayers but I believe that this I can see it was six thoughts or prayers such as the prayer of petition the prayer of intercession groaning in the spirit prayer of agreement the meditation prayer of meditation and the six one with the prayer of praise and worship I have just highlighted about sex but I’ve had other people talk about even the perfect consecration and all that but let’s stop at to prayer hear the prayer of petition and the prayer of intercession the prayer of petition is That’s what Jesus said when you pray don’t be like the Pharisees who believe in the length of the prayers all in the multitude of words they will be heard but when you pray be as brief as possible for your father who is in heaven knows that which whatever you want the prayer of petition is when I come to God and not ask him what ever I mean it’s talking about the properties in Jesus says in Matthew chapter 7076 no I ask you shall receive seek and you shall find knock and the door shall be opened and it’s amazing if you look at those three words to stick to asked to knock let’s go just ask seek knock if you write them and you took the air out of the ask and the S out of sick in the care of knock you have an ask just ask ask seek knock ask The point is whatever I mean I need to bring it to God end of the prayer of petition has a principal and the principal is in first John chapter 5

verse 14 with the with the word of God says this is the confidence that we have that when we ask anything according to his will he hears us and if we know he hears us therefore we have whatever we ask the prayer of petition has only one application 01 principal before you ask the Lord go in the world and find out the word of the Lord says he’s already released it goes prayer in itself never makes God do something on my behalf prayer tops in the reserve that the Lord had for me before I even came here on the scene like we say that your faith will never make anything that Grace has not released that’s the proof petition I have to find out it was the Lord say this word that I have the specific promise or no that’s the proposition No let’s say I’m in the proposition which is father I need to buy a house but my credit is shot oh my income will not quite disqualifies me but I know that you said in your word but I will be the head and not detail and you say you know I list all the promises that I believe lineup with this specific transition in my life I go to the Lord and I say father I speak right now oh I ask that you give Jessica not our own house where our kids can go in without any issues that’s the proof petition I believe God wants me to be stable I don’t believe it’s God’s will for me to pay rent to some other third-party I might as will be paying rent to myself what do I do simply because I pray for the house do I stop right there no I don’t stop right there is my move to the next level Which is prayer of intercession in the present decision I’m not gonna go back to the Lord and ask him for what I

asked him know now I’m going to be praying the prayer of intercession will be to clear up the way of whoever may become an obstruction between me in the house because just a cyst choose that example housing I pray for the house but the house is not just gonna drop in my life even if somebody wanted to give me a house that’s still a legal process of the house because it’s real estate this property this government has all kinds of taxes there’s all kinds of liens on the involved in this thing but if nobody’s going to give me the house the house belongs to the bank but the bank has a chance of authority to have policies it’s not easy it’s very complicated so even though the Lord has released me has released the house the enemy can go through the banking institution To stop the tears from coming to Best Burger just use some jerk that sits at the desk who has all the Time in the world to read everything about you and he has plenty of time on his hand to go all the contacts there’s always that one jerk in the back that always has enough time to to screen you thoroughly and he’s always in a bad mood to disqualify you and the enemy will always make sure that he goes to minister to the guy as soon as my text which is this guy stable the guy summon a jerk so my prayer of intercession is not of the Lord releases the house it’s not I’m gonna fight the enemy who may stand next to the agent and see the point so when just can I get a get a get a game to get us a live in praying for this house has been to three weeks three months what’s going on we’re not gonna go to father please give us a house no we are now bombarding the tracks the ducks The channels whoever is a lost traction because

you know in the word of God we learned that when God God gives us some thing is primarily two ways that that thing will come to us either true or mind he will give me a creative idea when I’m asking him for a house he may show me something that my mind has not even thought of it maybe to sell to trade or something like that or whatever I ask God will always come through the agency of men and we know the word of God says give a shit I’ll be given to you good measure pressed down shaken together running over shell man put in your bosom shell man God always uses man to touch me remember when Jacob was sleeping somewhere in the city that he later renamed Bethel the Bible say he saw a ladder that went from the ground to the scar in the bottle He saw angels but the angels were not coming down from heaven to him the Bible says he saw angels who are climbing from the earth going to the father and I’ve always thought in my heart that the angels of God always come back in a come from heaven and let scripture release is reveals to me not all the time sometimes God’s angels are here on earth and they cannot or they don’t always come in the angelic form they can be men some then put in your bosom when I ask something from God he releases some angels and that angel may be a brother may be a system that’s where the prayer of intercession comes so I’ll give you a cheese example about the mortgage but the same thing also happens

when it comes to healing in the name of Jesus and she knows when we pray for healing we do not ask God to heal people we don’t because as far as God is concerned By his stripes you were healed healing is now available now we speak specifically to the mountain you should speak to this mountain leader remove them without cars in the city if you do not down your heart believe those things that you say shall come to pass you shall have what you say we speak to that thing but let’s say brother Mark prince he believes you are healed but she still has a face she still has her mind she still has a spirit she still has her intellect your face cannot bypass those things in her life even though on your end it’s broadcasting healing but on her and she has the power to refuse those things this brings us back now to Mark chapter 6 in its proper context let’s go back there and Mark chapter 6 what we’re reading The eight verse 22 through 26 Mark chapter 8 verse 22 through 26 verse 22 through 25 notice that Jesus came to the town called Massena they brought him the blind man who decide to touch him but Jesus took the blind man by hand and let him out of town when they brought Jesus Jesus Jesus how to separate this blind man from the town of big Cedar why because whatever Jesus was about to do namely the healing of this man could not be performed inside but Cena because something about that Seda the environment of Mussina will undo the power of Jesus as powerful as Jesus was The Bible tells us he could not do mine he works in what time is the Capernaum oh Nazareth he couldn’t do mighty works in his whole hometown when he say that a profit has no honor those on why because your face cannot bypass the power of other peoples heart and emotions and intellect Jesus had to separate him from the

town do you know that this town but Santa is one of the two towns the Jesus proclaimed occurs over Matthew 1120 through 22 when he began to rebuild the cities in which most of his mighty words had been done because they did not repent what are you Coraz√≥n what are you bet Seda for if the mighty works which one darling you have been darling Karen side and they would’ve repainted long will go inside A cloth and ashes but I say to you it will be more tolerable for tile and siding in the day of judgment done for you notice that here this city of Med Center Jesus says that the the mighty miracles the words of God performed in the town if they had been performed in these other week and cities people would’ve repainted what do you learn from the Cedar Inn why did Jesus pull the blind man out of it say that because but Cena was a place of unbelief unbelief has almost the same exact power with face unbelief is the evil twin sister of faith and belief has almost the same dynamic power as faith has in the posit Dave unbelief has been negative so Jesus when he separated that man from but see the first of all it was to get them out of the town now if you don’t mind sir would you please put back more chapter 8 verse 22 through 25 and disappoint I want to drive to us here and by the time we’re done I hope it becomes very clear he say he took him by hand and lead him out of town do you know we should be praying a lot for America and the western world when you go to

Europe it becomes almost impossible to see the grace of God flow and minister and touch people I have gone to places like the little town in Niger in West Africa what you don’t even need to pray as much people get he’ll just like that I’ll give you Example I was on the radio on Sunday that was Easter Sunday 2012 Easter Sunday 2012 I was on the radio there in a Muslim lady called in and she asked if I could pray for her son I said yes and she’s at work but I’m not a Christian but I believe that if you pray for my son he’ll be healed I told her you don’t need to be a Christian you don’t even need to confess your sin for God to heal you and I was raised in a tradition where for you to pray for somebody who is sick you have to clean them up first you know it’s almost like going to the hospital you have to prep people will you put the little white aprons on them and you don’t detoxify them and we did that we had to either put them through fasting or ask the blood of Jesus to cleanse them or something like that that’s not in the word of God show me one person in the Bible that Jesus said I’m sorry I can’t Pray for you because you have to repaint have you given your life to Jesus yet are you a child of God do you believe in Jesus but what’s that got to do with this person telling what’s going to do with this person get a hill if that’s the case how come nothing in the Bible when these were his idol worshipers came to the children of God to be healed the profits and tell him to get rid of your idols know the story of naming the Syrian general went to Eliza by the way have you converted have you been circumcised yet what’s that got to do with this person’s healing the Bible says God raises the sun on the right just another unrighteous he makes it rain on the road just been on the unrighteous you don’t need to bring to lead people to Christ before you the ceiling in fact it’s just the opposite it’s Need to get somebody been born again after they been healed so I was there the radio and this lady said but I’m a Muslim but my son absolutely lady being a

Christian only helps you to maintain that feeling Jesus sees now that you’ve been healed go and sin no more for if you do something worse will come I told her being a Christian is what will help you hold onto that feeling but you being healed it can be done so Jesus let this man out by hand to separate him from unbelief so you will get you come across some people who before you minister to them you may have to kick people out of the house when you come to my house to pay for Jessica but I’m her husband I didn’t do everything you said with my tongue I cannot do that and that is under the power of the tongue I cannot do it by discouraging her so what do you have to do sometimes to pray for her it’s booking me out of the house is that biblical yes remember gyrus his daughter Bible says that he came to Jesus through them self at Jesus’s feet that was faith right there the one when he was crying some guy came to why bother the master your door yellow door is dead and he’s a total don’t worry about it we’re gonna go there and pray and raise her up when they went to Jared is house the Bible say Jesus keep the people out of the house but you don’t need people to stay in the environment some people that we pray for it’s not it They didn’t get healed but the people with whom they were connected became a possible Jess I think you’ll remember this when we went to minister for Pastor Rick at the living purpose assemblies of God that kid who came from Idaho 23 years old he had cancer in the kidneys but the problem with that boy and we couldn’t even I don’t know whatever happened to him he grew up in Rumfire at the top of him that was God’s blessing on his life that’s terrible those that’s why Jesus separated this man from the environment when I went to pray for that other man who died of cancer his wife had already was already excited for the one that $1 million last interest policy did she did not want

me to pray and we’re not finished praying and encouraging this guy she said she felt insulted the woman Say that guy came to insult her you leave that man under that kind of umbrella that means just already dead it’s already dead so Jesus separated him because he wanted to unhook him from unbelief why is it that you go to some churches are you see nobody speak in tongues because the past and the church doesn’t believe in speaking tongues you can preach them a good some of the best all I can do it you see the same face is contagious and unbelief is contagious we have to unhook people know the Bible says he took the blind man by the hand and lead him out of town and he had when he had spit on his eyes he put his hands upon him and asked him if he saw and the man looked up and said OK but like three and after that he put his hands again on him at this point at one To be clear on something it’s not unbelief to pray for the same sickness twice it’s not especially if the person is showing some kind of improvement notice here that this man had been living in a town of unbelief that’s first prayer prepped him it’s almost like dirt something at that point you don’t need to give up sometimes when you pass so it’s the healing of somebody don’t give up on the first try Jesus he is giving us a perfect example if Jesus could pray for somebody sick twice it would be pride on my part to refuse to imitate him he used to be a preacher back in the day is called John G Lake he sent people to heal to go minister healing and he told him never come back don’t come back until that Person is healed and some will be gone for as long as three weeks staying with that person when we pray for sick people it’s OK to ask them how are you feeling how are you feeling so the part of town where I grew up in Africa when people came to church then I didn’t go back home they stayed at the church and you woke them up at 5 AM

and you prayed with them for an hour and they took a quick break took a shower and then bought around nice time you played with them for another hour in the evening they said there for surgery service it was not a proof of unbelief but it was in the session you were not praying for them for God to heal them but you were just keeping your foot on the devils neck you were trying to hang onto them as long as possible as long as possible That’s what I can say that Jesus prayed for this person twice so sometimes when you pray let’s say I wear contacts for my eyes I pray for one on one time and my vision has improved do I throw my contacts with no I’ll keep my contacts I don’t I don’t I don’t say this is it I’m never going to pray for now I begin to thank God that my eyes are healed I’m beginning to think God that my vision is getting better I think God that my vision is getting better and before I know it I’ll get to a place where it’s not only 65% it’s 90% or it’s 85% better and before you know it my eyesight is better Jesus prayed for this man twice but as we continue thank you and he sent him a way to his house saying you need to go into town no Tellin To any in the town Jesus one Jesus prayed for this guy and this guy in a second time and the first time is like oh I see people that look like trees the second time is it oh I see clearly now just tell them hey by the way this is the last day that you go to Springhill Massena from this on let’s go this way don’t go back to the store with the way I have explained the scripture why do you think Jesus told his man not to go back in town noticed the power of one town over your face I never used to think it like this but it’s a biblical thing that sometimes often times the manifestation of your blessing is geographical that place is that what are you go enable flash on unless it’s a different story but for some preachers it’s not easy To see the blessings of God in one geographical place you can sit in the Bible Jesus himself said when you go to town and they kick you out don’t stick around to come out get out unless the Lord speaks to you specifically stick around when all Roberts was dying he called all these evangelist and these preachers who won the audience with him and him but they asked him how do we see more healing in him in a

ministry and he told them one thing are you a pastor or are you an evangelist I just say I’m a teacher I’m not a pastor so well in that case I can pray for you but if you were passed I wasn’t gonna pray for you and Andrew was interested explain to me why is that pass why is that all said Easy for a traveling minister to see healing in the ministry than a resident pastor to see healing in a ministry to explain to me he says well because the traveling evangelist doesn’t have to deal with the same people over and over so they don’t get acquainted then he just comes it and goes but the pastor sticks around people sympathizes with them and begins to own even the peoples problems and those things don’t stop the power of God they stopped and then his disability to release the power of God and you learn something from there is it as we are here in Springs of life Church we should never get too comfortable with people in this way that healing has become something of a distance memory we should spur one another up we should never get to a place in our church here where it’s become boring Now we prayed for days will pray for this no no no no no we should always be on the attack say no this man needs a second touch this man needs a second but I’m not gonna quit I’m not going to get a place in Zax did my best no no no no my best is if mothers not good enough if Jesus print a second I’m gonna pray again and I’m gonna keep crossing this thing until it’s gone

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