God Kind of Faith
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God Kind Of Faith

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Study with us tonight from the book of Luke chapter 7 verses one through 10 Luke chapter 7 verses one through 10 there’s just some things that he’s told me and this contributes in a walk with him in a victory and an ass manifesting his nature his character is glory on planet earth because we are down here to reflect him now and look chapter 7 verses one through 10 the word of God sees this now when he concluded all his sayings in the earring of the people he entered Capernaum and a certain centurions servant who was dear to him was sick and ready to die so when he heard about Jesus he sent the elders of the Jews to him pleading with him to come and heal his servants and when they came to Jesus the big them earnestly saying that the one Fuck him he should do this was he was deserving for he loves our nation and he has built as a synagogue then Jesus went with them and when he was already not far from the house the centurion sent friends to him saying to him Lord don’t trouble yourself for I’m not worthy that you should enter under my roof therefore I didn’t even think myself worthy to come to you but say the word and my servant will be healed for I also MMM also a man placed under authority having soldiers under me and I said want to go and he goes into the other, and he comes into my servants do this and he does when Jesus heard these things check that out he marveled at

him and turned around and say to the crowd that followed him I said to you I have not found such a great face not even in Israel And those who were Santa returning to the house found a servant well who had been sick right here is the only one of the two times in the Bible that Jesus marveled there’s only two recorded instances in the Bible that Jesus was fascinated he was astonished Jesus just he was puzzled he just like shook his head like this is too good to be true this is the only time this is one of the only time the other times it is recorded in Mark chapter 6 verse one through six when Jesus went to his people and he tried to heal them from the sickness they wouldn’t let them in the Bible says that Jesus marveled at their unbelief that’s the only time that’s the other time the Jesus Marvel and this time here Jesus marveled at the faith of this unbelieving man all this gentile And I’ve always wondered why is it the Jesus marvel well the answer is found in this passage where it says that Jesus turned around and looked at the disciples and those who followed him and said even in Israel I’ve never I haven’t found a big face like this so what shook Jesus had what fascinated Jesus in this man was his face there’s nobody in the Bible who has ever had a great face like this man from Abraham through Moses to David

Solomon has a guy and all the godly people nobody has ever had this kind of faith this is the only faith that shook Jesus a man this man knows some thing that humility doesn’t know well to cut the story short this man has the God kind of faith this man has the faith that God has Have you ever noticed all have you ever thought does God have faith he’s got a faith God yes the answer is yes he is the author of faith he did he’s the author and the finisher of faith God has faith faith in what he has faith in himself he has faith in his word he has faith in his face and there is such a thing called the God kind of faith know if you just take what I just said we have been there for 2K2 types of faith we have the God kind of faith in the man’s kind of faith man has a faith you have faith in the chair you have faith when you fly you have faith when you go to Wendy’s or another in a drive-through place that hamburger is well cooked and it’s not poisoned you don’t check it out you don’t take it to the lab before you put in your mouth you just have faith that well… Hamburgers OK What is yours that’s that’s the men’s kind of face when I go when I flew Delta I didn’t go out there looking at the deposit and second I see your license can you tell me a little bit about how did you get this job I didn’t know if that that was a real human or she was

half human half animal I didn’t know if he was drunk I just believed that if I said not airplane and when he took off I didn’t know that he was taking me to Salt Lake City he would’ve probably taken me to Seattle but I just had faith that his man’s face that man’s face man’s face is what has produced what we see in the natural realm but there is a God kind of faith the God kind of faith not to get ahead of myself but when you go to the book of Romans chapter 4 starting from verse 14 is the face that Abraham exercise one time only in his life One time Abraham showed the God kind of faith when God told him in genesis 20 to take your son and offer your son as a sacrifice to me and Abraham Lynnfield Sarah Abraham didn’t tell his son that I’m gonna kill you today but he took his son by the God kind of faith and check this out when Abraham walked with Isaac he saw the mountain from a far and he told the servants you stay here and listen to this and he told his servants hi and Isaac will go up there and we will come back when he said I will go and come back that was the kind a got kind of faith God had told Abraham but you go up on the mountain and kill Isaac but not only kill him you kill and cremate him you kill Isaac on the mountain and put fire on his body and on his bones until it’s ashes and the book of Romans I told you chapter 4 Starting from verse 14 it says that Abraham believed and hoped against all hope that God will call those things that be not as though they are what it means is what

Abraham looked at the service he wasn’t playing with them he wasn’t trying to trick them like when I get out the up there I’m gonna find Plan B to divert them and say I just took off no he really meant what he say that I go with Isaac even if I kill him and I burn him to ashes God will put those molecules in the ashes back together and bring me my son back he really believed in that when he went up there he didn’t think that God will bring an angel and God will bring a replacement no he believed I suppose gonna die but his face told him that just the same way the word of God has the power to call things to life things that be not that’s why he looked at his servants and told him Going with Isaac but I won’t come in empty-handed that is the God kind of faith God has faith like for instants let me just dumb but will get there later but when in the creation story it was by faith that God created that God created the world by faith well if you don’t believe me check your Bible in Hebrews chapter 11 verse three it sees that it’s by faith that the worlds were made to put together God put everything in the world by faith that means he was calling into existence things that be not as though they were so in love chapter 7 this Roman centurion had the same kind of faith the God kind of faith people Jesus wait a second you don’t have to waste your time come here use the God kind of faith Hi Roman centurion that’s the kind of face I use when I want anything done I don’t debate with my service I just speak a word I just released the Word and the Word gets them to work my word has the power to cause them to

work on YouTube I have an earthly army you have a spiritual army an army made of angels and angels bring healing according to the word of God so you say a word command an angel that won’t be a debate between you and that angel when Jesus just heard these words he said man I’ve never seen in Israel a man with this kind of faith what kind of faith with this guy have he had a God kind of faith and you and I God has called us to rule in the world to reflect the nature of God only by walking and demonstrating the God kind of The faith that speaks life the faith that moves mountains and the faith that you know opens the eyes of blind people the face the coals into existence things that be not as though they are let me show you Ephesians chapter 2 verse eight and this one just blessed me so much brothers Ephesians chapter 2 verse eight and I know you’ve read the scripture but I want you to take a fresh look at this passage one more time if he’s in chapter 2 verse eight for by grace you have been saved through faith and that’s not of yourself it’s a gift of God you are saved by grace through faith you’re not saved by faith you saved by grace you’re not saved by grace alone you save Margaret’s true face but he say is that it’s a gift of God it didn’t come from you not the question is this if you just read what I read which you already know we are saved by grace through faith and it’s not if it’s not of our own it’s a gift from God what is the gift and what he sees is it the Grace or is it the faith which one is the gift because he sees that you saved by grace through faith that’s not of yourselves it is the gift of

God what’s the gift of God what the Lord showed me both grace and faith don’t come from you you by nature don’t have the faith into salvation by nature you don’t have the grace the grace and the faith are gifts of God so what this passage is saying that is this for you to accept salvation God has to give you His faith if you are saved you took God for God’s face you did not save but yourself by your own power and God showed me this every single believer has the measure of gods faith but some develop it some don’t develop at your problem and my problem is not that we don’t have faith it’s just that we do not develop the faith that we already have in Jesus just commission me and said Eddie I have called you to teach the word but to also evangelize to go in the nations and when I was out there I realized it but I’m not shared with a couple of folks here I want to man I stand these towns were the one to hospitals don’t know hospitals in these towns so when people who are sick came to you for prayers They didn’t have Plan B if they didn’t get healed at your meetings they went home to die so these folks came to your meetings with faith expecting to be healed if you you are then telling them that healing is it’s outdated God Ronaldo feeling power all the lights in heaven went off and somebody took off with healing these people go home today so when these people came to me for healing and thank God Jesus didn’t call us to pray for sick people there’s no scripture in the Bible tells us to pray for the sick there’s no scripture God doesn’t expect you to pray for sick people while sick

people all need prayers they need healing but I need prayers if they need a braided pray for themselves they need healing Jesus only commended us go heal the sick don’t go pray for them go heal them and you don’t heal them in your own name Or in your name Paul just by using the name of Jesus so when there’s six people to come I’ll just say the word be healed in Jesus name be healed in Jesus name one lady came and she was 13 months pregnant so she was four months overdue but I can just imagine the pain that the woman would have with our food 13 month old pregnancy and I pray for this woman within two weeks she gave birth she gave birth the Sunday before I travel I travel the money that Sunday she gave birth but it was the power of the word now let me slow down and show you something and look chapter 7 here the sanctuary who has the God kind of faith what is the God kind of faith the God kind of faith really believes that spiritual world is controlled by the word And that there is power behind the word if you say a word it will happen in your life but now we have to realize this and I want you to be careful everything that God created he created by the word including you including angels including Satan and because everything is created by the word everything can be destroyed by the word and everything created by the word response to the word angels respond towards your body responds the word every organ on your body responds to work people who are sick every organ on their body responds to words now I know that everything that God created she gave her the

ability to hear even stones now Storm to you and I it’s just an in adamant object that won’t respond you can talk to a stone I’m only a fool would talk to a stone but that’s not what the word says Jesus says that if you do not worship me I will speak to stones they will why do you think the sun stop from shiny oh that’s why the sun you know stop from shining for three hours because the natural son had to obey say no if men will torture the master I won’t participate in that does suck the sun response but think about that’s the Bible says the top the stones the rocks Around the city of Jerusalem they exploded why would they explode they didn’t want to look at the nakedness of Jesus because he is the rock of ages in the natural rocks say it if the rock of ages is going to lay down his life we will participate in his death that’s why the rocks gave the only life but I believe that rocks were hearing what men was speaking and what Satan was speaking that’s why the rocks with the day exploded they died Jesus told us the mountains here he said that if you speak to the mountain Jesus must be a liar if a mountain doesn’t have earring for him to command us to speak to a mountain Jesus say speak to the mountain he expects us to understand that even though a mountain doesn’t have these pavilions external ear ring God has given amount of the ability to hear no scientifically and I did this Google search on trees it turns out the trees understand your feelings they relate to your feelings and we did this experiment two years ago when we planted corn we spoke to our corn to be the best corn and it was big the

last year we didn’t speak it was terrible corn so I know now for a fact that corn here and even if you weren’t fishing on the lake fish here if you ask them how to fish jump in my boat the wheel the wheel falling water water here water but here gods just read the book of Psalms the book of Psalms tells us that nature stars here they sing how old start seeing if they don’t have an ability to speak they don’t say it It’s not in HuHot Lynn in the real start Jesus spoke to the fig tree I said you that’s it for you the next day the French tree heard it heard about Jesus said no I’m saying all this just to tell you this when God created everything everything responds towards your eyes hear the word your brain he is the word your back understands your muscles understand your knees stay here then you can speak to your knees and I think God for my wife because for the past four years that we’ve been married with renewed online and just anticipate to see your word produce fruit it’s not gonna happen overnight brother know it’s gonna take a long time for you to see power released out of your word but one thing I hope we have come to understand our house is now any time does the sickness speak against it Talk to God about sickness call don’t want to hear about sickness even if you just want to the classic story about speak to the

mountain Jesus didn’t say if you speak to your God about your mountain the Lord will remove your mouth no why do you talk to God about the mountain why mountains here you hear speak to the mountain that is the God kind of faith when Jesus heard the centurion say that if you just say a word it’s all happened Jesus marvel search this is it that is the faith of God now to know that when I came to Christ based on Ephesians chapter 2 verse eight the God gave me the faith of God he gave me his face I don’t have time to go into this but if you take you do a good study on Romans chapter 2 verse three policies that God has given you the measure I’ll face is giving you the measure of faith the measure of faith is Leica Kristine how do we call the kitchen spoon the big one that you can scoop our little little yeah yes I think of it like if we were standing in the kitchen soap in a line and I was using that to give everybody the same amount I just deep in and give everybody and you took one scoop and went everybody would have the same measure of full of soup but everybody would determine how much of that soup that they already have they would benefit someone take that soup and throw away some of the taste in Tulsa to the side and someone take the whole thing God never gives a one-man move It’s than the other everybody has the same kind of faith and the funny thing is the faith of God’s giving you is the faith that he has now in the faith of God the way he operates he has to say first before he says God speaks let me show you let’s go to Genesis chapter 1 and I love teaching these things but I

just far as my rocket so bad let’s want to read the three beginning words at some verses I’ll give you Genesis chapter 1 the three beginning words the three first words look in verse three Genesis chapter 1 then God said looking for six then God said look in verse nine then God said look in verse 11 then God said look in verse 14 then God said verse 20 then God said check out the first 24 then God said let’s end in verse 26 then God said no check out Novus 31 he said he sees him first one then God so I love it I love it in verse three verse six verse nine verse 11 verse 1420 2426 God said God said in verse 31 God saw saw the way the faith of God works his God has to say before he sees God doesn’t say what he sees he sees what he said all of that and the way God has given us this faith is You have to say until you saw you say yeah and the reason why you aren’t saying it’s because you are saying and the Bible says we are not moved by sight but my faith and what kind of faith the God kind of faith the gift that he’s given us in genesis shows us he has to say before he sees I don’t see what I seen him and not think about this whatever you see in your life it’s what you’ve been saying it’s been done to you according to what you’ve been saying life and death under the power of your tongue now think about this everything that God created he created by words so everything is either made by the word or destroyed by the word even Satan himself he Only obey his words Satan does not be anything

else but the word because he was made by the word he was made as an angel and he chose to become whatever he is today but Satan realizes the power of the word that’s why the last book in the Bible says that they overcame him because of the blood and because of the word of the testimony in certain respects words and I think about this a word of God in your mouth the word of God in your mouth has the same power that it has in the mouth of God the word in your mouth has the same power that it has in the mouth of God that’s how we get saved by the confession is made unto salvation know a word of God Remove angels and a word of the flesh all of the enemy will ask will create will place a demand upon a demonic principality to come and work for you just like a word that you release if it’s based on the word it will place a demand on angels of God to work on your behalf if you say a word that is filled with what the enemy sees it called his angels to work for you that’s why he say wait wait dark hole that’s why he’s high no you getting fired brother will talk to him for each one of these days life and death life is from God this is what works death is separation from God so under your tongue you have the power to release either God’s angels or Satan’s angels sing respect your words You don’t believe me keep speaking cancer the angel that a demon of cancer will have a job to do in your life he will follow your words because everything in the spirit realm was formed I would so they

respond to words but there’s one thing before I quit here I want you to see Ende it’s in Mark Chapter 11 and dude I can’t sit down if I don’t release this Mark 11 chapter 24 but in verse 22 for instants all the way to 24 market Lovin so Jesus answered and said to them have faith in God for assuredly I say to you whoever sees this mountain be removed and cast into the sea and doesn’t doubt in his heart but Believes that those things he sees will be done he will have whatever he sees therefore say to you whatever things you ask when you pray believe that you receive them and you will have them in verse 23 Jesus says that things don’t just happen because you say them but they happen because of the disposition of your heart it’s your heart that gives power to the words in your mouth so the real power is not in your mouth is in your heart that’s what Jesus just wanted to make it sure here make sure to everybody that whoever sees but and believes in his heart so it’s not all about what you say it’s about what’s in your heart and Jesus also told us that all fell from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks so the word that the Lord showed me who is this if you prepare your heart and in feels your heart with the word of God Fill your heart with the word of God in such a way it becomes like a toothpaste in that tube but with your squeeze it nothing comes with a heart or not but the toothpaste then your words will go to work for you and what he told me is this your heart is the trickiest thing that you have it’s the trickiest thing you have your heart according to the word of God it’s also called the womb or the belly like Jesus seed out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water but the belly not in the size of the stomach but the belly in the sense of a woman’s womb the uterus now do you wanna race only games that which is planted in that your spirit gives you what you planted your spirit will reproduce what your plan tonight I don’t have To be there at your house when you plant your garden I just have to wait when it comes up I’ll tell you what you’ve been planting

in your garden I don’t have to be there in your life to know what you’ve been meditating on but if I say chaos depression I know what you’ve been sitting to be carnally minded is death but to be spiritually minded is life and peace if there’s no life in peace I know what you’ve been doing you probably been playing in church worshiping and singing our God is greater but when you were when you left church you were see you were listening to other music you’re watching things on TV you should’ve been watching and your spirit is neutral it gives you back what you put in that your spirit is like a bank account it only gives you back what you’ve been depositing in it what do you feed your heart and I tell you my work God is calling us the church We want to see the display of the power of God it will depend on what we let you know in a hot no I won’t have any trouble telling people you have to be careful what kind of teaching you sit under you have to be careful what kind of teaching you sit under people select churches today because they have a good youth program there and that they have a good kids program there you shouldn’t select the church because they have good children’s program there the first criteria in the church should be the word that is being taught in the church the rest is just salad and gravy on the food but the first thing is what time when the enemy attacks your life the first thing attacks in your life is your ears if the enemy can have your ears he’s got you because the first get way into your heart Is what you hear have you noticed that the book of Psalms starts by Blessed is a man who doesn’t sit in the consul of these wicked people who doesn’t walk with his it starts

but who doesn’t stay who doesn’t walk and who doesn’t do well with them all that the wicked man wants to do is to feed you some thing if he can speak to you he’s gotten your heart but in verse three says but Blessed is the man who meditate on the word of God who finds a spirit with the work he just takes time and he just spends hours and hours and that’s not to go to Bridget to other people but to find out what God sees about him and how I should put my affairs in order and I have come to find out that in the old testament everyone who stated the heart on seeking the world God always reward them with prosperity every king that walk In the ways of God who was the second God daily in the word listening to the instructions of the high praise God always reward them with prosperity what are you listening to do you know how Jezebel got Elijah she just send them a word just sent him a word through messenger go tell him up tomorrow about this time I don’t have a said all the gods should treat me just like all kill me when Elijah open her ears you know how can go to herbal how Apple got killed read read the word able aloud came to talk to him the Bible says as they were standing in the field which happened to be Ken’s office because he was a farmer and that was standing in Ken’s office and Ken spoke to a brother come over here whenever guess he’s too whatever what kind side he’s dead We haven’t heard from him anymore so what I’m trying to say here is me be careful I just have a hard time does going to blaze with my ears are becoming like a trash a trashcan scrutinize what you’re listening to

face doesn’t come from what you say say it doesn’t come from what you read it comes from what you hear and what you hear will fill your heart and what feels your heart will come out of your mouth so if you speak to this mountain and don’t doubt in your heart so how do we operate in the God kind of faith let’s go back to the basics work on a hot and I don’t have to lie to you this about this brothers it takes a long time to see more than the rough edges of your heart a tax commitment it takes a long time you have to invest in the word you have to read The word man I just pray that the Lord will just bring revelation knowledge to heart but it’s time to go back to reading your Bible just read it loud if they eat we have different ways of using our town you know what time during the day some people work early in the morning they don’t have time during the morning but when you have a break when you go home read the word Jesus was a teacher of the word he spent hours and hours teaching people to work and the way we are made we don’t grasp it the first time we learn through repetition you have to hear the same sermon over and over if I had a choice between choosing a book written by Pastor Chris and the teaching the audio teaching of the same book my best Chris I’ll go first of all with the audio before I go with the book there’s something about hearing it live That is stronger than reading with your eyes read it to your eyes it’s going to take a long time before it registers in your spirit but listen to it and I always encourage of a Christian if you have a possibility now that we have MP3 and iPod don’t just download worship songs there download the whole audio Bible

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