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How To Minister Healing

How To Minister Healing

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Last Wednesday I started to talk about ministering feeling and I wanted to talk about how to minister healing to others how to minister how to lead other people into deliverance those who are struggling with anything that is not of God let’s say the flash daemonic or something like that and I also wanted to wait on to talk about leading people and speaking tags last week was just like brushing over the canvas but now I’m just gonna be adding a little more depth and color to what I started on last week and hopefully by the time the teaching is done tonight we will have done so much Ephesians chapter 4 verses 11 and 12 and he himself gave some to be apostles some profits Some evangelists and some are better pastors and teachers for the equipping of the Saints for the work of ministry for the edifying of the body of Christ we learn from the Scriptures that the Lord blesses those in leader ship in the ministry in the church not just for them to attend celebrity status and become you know movers and shakers in that side is that they have big labels and things like that know specifically he gives ministries in the body to prepare the church notice that he sees for the equipping the Saints and don’t let not let that word saint scare you and to the point they well that’s not me he’s talking about you know some super brothers in the church not me well we will hold your horses a little bit don’t disqualify yourself because the Saints here doesn’t mean that you are you never make

mistakes it’s what God calls you And literally means a set of one who is set apart and first Corinthians chapter 1 verses 30 sees Christ has become to us wisdom holiness sanctification from God if you are in Christ you are already set apart so you are a saint now the word says that you have to be equipped for the work of ministry so ministry is not to be carried out only by pastors by evangelists by apostles that profits by teachers know ministry is to be carried by the whole body and hair and springs of life church our our vision is to make disciples who make disciples know if I’m gonna be a disciple that is expected to make other disciples that means I have to be equipped for the work of ministry Oh so many years in the church most people have had this perception that there’s two groups in the church those who are really spiritual who go up there stand in the pulpit and the rest who are not as much as those and we call these who are spiritual and leaders will call them clergyman and those who are in the pills we called them Lehman and all the clergy’s and the Lehman but that’s not what the word of God teaches the word of God teaches at each Christian spirit filled born-again child of God is a minister of God or the heart they are to be equipped for the work of ministry through ministry and I wouldn’t even say to me as it was a success in ministry it’s not for one pastor to stand in the pool And run the show and run the show and do everything I’m gonna stand right here every Sunday blasting and screaming and yelling and yelling and let’s go home no true ministry is when this man is done doing his job every brother and sister that sits on the pill takes what they learn from this puppet and

take some runs with it out there and passes it around around that is disciples making disciples and that’s what the Scripture teaches us know if you go with me to John chapter 15 as we lay ground on this topic and John chapter 15 and like I mentioned last Sunday that the name John means grace so let’s go to the book of Grace chapter 15 notice in verse eight I’m not I’m going to skip because I have a plethora of scriptures to the space tonight in verse 86 by this my fault Other is glorified that you bear much fruit so you will be my disciples noticed that fruit glorify the Lord the Lord is glorified in us when we bear fruit and it’s in bearing fruit that we truly demonstrate that we are disciple disciple is not just someone who comes to church and dislike text brain out the door and they just bombard them with scriptures and with revelation and then all that that was a good sermon sometimes I don’t really doesn’t really excite me to just to hear that somebody’s all man that was a good sermon no I want to see you do something about that that’s in fact this is just a almost like a rabbit trail here go to Marks at the 416 let’s see something these likewise are the ones son and stony ground who won they hear the word immediately receive it with gladness and they have no route in them selves and saw indoor only 14 After one after word when tribulation or persecution arises for the word sick immediately they stumble notice that there’s some people who can receive the word of God with excitement with gladness but that one doesn’t yield food to them and Jesus say that these people he compares them to a scene that falls on a stony ground on the ground that is covered with rocks he says you can receive the word of God with so much gladness and excitement and yet when the persecution arises all that excitement is gone I tell you me as a preacher me as a teacher me as a pastor I don’t look to an emotional reaction to my teaching and

my delivery of the word of God as to all that was a good message no it was the scripture writing account is that philosophy it says that those who just receive it with gardeners But have no roots in them selves will never stand the test of time how many times have you seen and you know in your vocal face people were so excited for God but that didn’t last a long time but it’s not the first emotional reaction that matters in the church we need to be equipped for ministry we have to be equipped and what I’m doing tonight is part of that equipping and what I wanna do is talk about ministry healing let’s go to Tamark 1615 through 18 and say some thing and he say to them go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature he who believes and is baptized will be saved he who does not believe will be condemned And I have no time to go back on this to tell you that the scan does baptism is talking about it’s not baptism in the water the baptism the water does not save you it’s baptism into a new birth if you are not born of water and spirit you cannot see the kingdom of God and the signs will follow those who believe in my name they will cast out demons they will speak with no tongues they will take up serpents and if they drink anything deadly it will by no means hurt them they will lay hands on the sick and the sink will recover Jesus tells us in the scripture that the signs of power the power of God is not only to follow ministers as “” pass those evangelist and profits no it’s supposed to follow a typical believer a John Doe believer gender believer is supposed to be the one caring out the miracles It’s not a good sign of success in the body of Christ that the power of God is only display through the millions of girls won the puppet Jesus does not even say that these signs will follow those who go to Bible college and the Bible college that we have today’s in our days I’ll prove that the church is failing dramatically but we go to Bible college because we are not making disciples and that’s some thing we are fighting here Jesus

says that it’s every believers job to lay hands on the sick people and sick people being ill it’s your calling it’s your God-given right to lay hands on the sick people and see them healed lay hands on the sick and see them healed in this kind of screwed I don’t need to understand them in Greek or in Latin all in Hebrews those who believe so every child of God needs to see the power of God no I’m I’m gonna ask a question don’t answer publicly just answer yourself in your heart how many people have you seen healed through you’re laying on of hands if any how many times have you ever seen a person sick and you felt the urge to tell them they can be healed how to do it you have to see it if you don’t do it then you’re not leaving your Christian life the proper way you’re just part of the group the multitude you’re falling to the wayside you’re not representing the master to represent the master you have to carry out healing and that’s the fruit that glorify the Lord no For you to minister healing to people you have first of all to ask yourself is it God’s will to help people I have heard people say sometimes God heals some people and sometimes God does not heal some people and this is a real serious question is it God’s will to help people almost I’ll bet all of us in this room have either have a friend a coworker or a family member who struggled with a sickness and infirmity or something like that and we prayed and nothing happened and you can relate to it but went to the hospital and things got worse so can we say that it’s really God’s will to heal every single every single person or there are some people Godless of what you do it’s not part of God’s blessing for them to be healed one lady was sitting on Bennigan’s program and she said that the Lord had actually made her sick put her in a wheelchair in such a way that threw her wheelchair now she’s she’s got more she has come to know God in a way that she never knew him before my very own father-in-law has the same philosophy and I love I love Jim I love him so much but he has the same philosophy I remember when I was when I met him the first and then we started to talk about healing he

just told me know if God had to ask me I wouldn’t want to take the sickness away from me because this has made me come closer to God I know him more now in my sickness then I knew him without the sickness 2009 at living purpose assemblies of God Jesse and I were praying for the And I’ve told you this before from Idaho 23 years old he had cancer in his body and as we are praying for him he just told us know in fact now I believe that this is God’s will for me young man are you serious God wants you sick now you and I by the springs of life church what do we know what the about us in the word of God that God heals some people then we conclude once in a while after praying for someone putting out a face out there and it seems like that person was responding in faith can we come to a conclusion such as we did our best but apparently the Lord did not want to kill this person you know this we who believe in healing we are always the subject of mockery or sometimes Depressed so much for somebody and when they die in the family members or friends or other people in the church get offended and turn on you and say will you say that God was going to heal them especially if the person made a pledge to the church they may want that money back or something like that that’s why we never tell people what are you wan thousand dollar offer and healing is coming to your house so be careful we are not charlatans only showers and still things like that but is it God’s will let’s go to the word of God and see what the Bible says. Let’s go to first John chapter 5 verses 14 through 15 first John chapter 5 so the book of first grace chapter 5 verse 14 through 15 first John four of the five verse 14 through 15 it says now this is the confidence that we have in him but if we ask anything according to his wheel He hears us and if we know that he is us whatever we ask we know that we have the petitions that we have asked of him and see if you read the scripture right here it will show you something that the one of the present God never answers is the prayer that goes like this father if it be they will load if this is your wheel the moment you say Lord if this is your well that is right there shows that you have no belief all you have no faith in so you’ll have unbelief I should say here it says that God hears us when we have come to him after knowing his perfect will so I don’t go on the in the prayer to find out the wheel of God I go in the presence of God because I already know the will of God no let’s put this in the contacts of healing can you can Are you and I go boldly in the presence of God knowing that it’s

the wheel of God is it God’s will to heal well let’s go to look up the five verse 12 through 13 Luke chapter 5 verse 12 through 13 and it happened when he was in a certain city the beholder man who was full of leprosy so Jesus and he fell on his face and employee him saying Lord if you are willing you can make me clean then he pulled out his hand and touched him saying I am willing declines immediately declines immediately the leprosy left him we are talking we are told you about Jesus healing the leper this labor did not know if it was God’s will for him to be healed so he approach Jesus in these words if it be your Well you can make me feel or you can you can help me let’s look at these two words if it’s me your wheel you can this man believes that Jesus had the power to heal he did not doubt Jesus ability to heal he did not say well Jesus is running low on healing batteries he needs a Holy Ghost reboot store in charge but he says I’m not sure about your wheel for me to be healed so this is exactly why most people are even those who are part of denominations that do not believe that healing is for today if you genuinely ask them do you believe God can heal but I absolutely do you believe God has the power all yes but the problem they have is is God willing to wheel to heal the problem in most churches and most people it’s not gods ability but it’s God’s willingness know you and I can we rest assured that when it comes to healing it’s always God’s will to heal but if we pray or if we lay our hands on someone who is sick we can know that as God as far as God is concerned it’s always his will we see here Jesus telling the lepers of the labor that I am willing and Jesus being the same yesterday today and forever we can also go from this scripture and say Jesus is always willing to heal all sickness that exactly why can’t I say thank you for the question sir why can’t I say because I’m at I can just be like this labor is it if that man save it because this man here did not have The revelation of the word of God he could get by because he did not have the New Testament he didn’t have Matthew Mark Luke John or even his his story he didn’t even know that his story was actually going to be part of the Bible we have to assure our hearts is it God’s will to heal every sickness or other one in a while at once in a while a case with God so yeah I can hear them but I’m not willing for him to that busy like I said it may sound like a minute detail because there are people who are convinced that action in the Lord to get the attention will place a sickness on them so many people so many people and some people would say I never knew God until I went through this some people have this mindset that you can’t go through to heaven until you go through hell But as if hell is a shortcut to heaven except a 10 verse 38 how God anointed Jesus Christ of Nazareth

with Holy Spirit and power who went about doing good and healing all who are oppressed by the devil for God was with him all of a sudden we saw some thing in here God was with him doing good healing doing good healing then the light went on healing is good healing those who are oppressed of the devil healing is good and it comes from God sickness is evil and it comes from the devil if you take the word good you remove one oh it’s God it took the word evil you are Then it’s the devil if it’s healing it’s God if it’s sickness it’s not God is the enemy it’s either the devil or the person himself and from the scripture you cannot is the Jesus being the same yesterday today and forever he’s always doing good to people you know honestly people who believe that God is the one who makes them sick people who believe that sometimes the Lord uses sickness to minister to them they really don’t believe in it this subconscious doesn’t believe in it it’s a one way to numb the pain and to cope with it because if you truly believe that God sometimes makes you sick then why do you even take drugs and medicine if you truly believe that the Lord put sickness on you you shouldn’t even go to the doctor Fact if you start to feel a little better you should ask the Lord what why am I missing you what is the devil trying to heal me you know that’s the same people who believe the same people who believe that God makes people sick when they see a church or they see a man of God who believes in healing guess what they say that’s the devil is the devil people have a twisted idea when you bring healing that’s the devil when there is sickness or that’s the Lord is it of God is in the business of making people sick and the devil is trying his best to undo sickness you know God hits people sickness and here comes the devil God I’m gonna kill this person again are there some people in the church that the Lord has gifted specially specifically with healing gifts yes there are some people who have the gifts of healing but it’s not When those people are around all my God we are in trouble no every child of God who truly believes in Jesus he shall lay his hands how powerful is even your prayer when you know that God is willing he is also able and I bet you all of us in this room we have healing power in our hands we do we do you are not the one healing he is the one doing the healing your part is just

to do what he says they shall lay hands and six I’ll be healed if you lay hands on the sick person and you don’t see anything immediately right there you don’t have to explain anything walk away you just did your part it’s his problem and people say well I can’t do it because if I do it what if it doesn’t work let me tell you this what if you pray for six And it works you will never know what would’ve been what the end result of the bin if you if you quit you know quitters never win and winners never quit you will never know what the end result would’ve been if you stayed in longer if you didn’t quit but it’s God’s will to heal a quick fact before I move on some people even tell you and some respectable ministers who say healing passed away with the disciple with the apostles the 12 apostles what is the true no it’s not true why is it not true because healing and salvation are intertwined in our redemption when Jesus died on the cross he atoned for our sin and he paid on the same day for the salmon Mission of our spirits and the healing of our body so if one is done away with the other one is also done away with if there’s no healing today the same as equally true there’s no salvation today because on the day he paid for salvation the same day he also paid for healing as a matter fact so we just read it in Isaiah 53 verse four and five healing is in the atonement Isaiah 53 verse four and five surely he has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows and it was a steam him stricken smitten by God and afflicted but he was wounded for our transgressions he was bruised for our iniquities the chastisement of our peace was upon him and by his stripes we are healed no reason this verse that When he paid the price on the cross he also took a physical beating because it says by his stripes we are healed and noticed that he was wounded before he was smitten proving here that he even paid for sickness before he even he paid for salvation and you know that word salvation to be saved in the Greek language is Sozo SOZO Sausal and if you break down that word and it’s self healing is part of it so if somebody sees for instants there’s no healing available today well they also have to be honest with themselves and say there’s no salvation today but we’re not listed in the tournament when

Christ died he also paid for our our healing no notice also that sickness is What a blessing according to the Ron’s meat chapter 28 verse 22 sickness is not a blessing Deuteronomy chapter 28 is the place in the word of God that God defines what blessing is and what Chris is from verse one through 13 he defines blessed and blessed in the city blessed out of the city the fruit of the wolf you want your bonds are overflowing and the blessing is resting after you and when he goes not into the cruise which is the longest part of this chapter and verse 22 he describes sickness as cruise so if somebody comes to you today and tells you you know don’t worry sometimes healing can be a blessing in the skies that person is telling you that the Lord is a liar because God himself in his mouth he says this will be the curses upon you you should be hit with sickness and he describes What kind of sickness somebody might look around where is it in Bassett how can you say that and then we have people like Job Job have the sickness and after that sickness then God multiplies up where are my brother who hit job with sickness but I know the Bible says and the devil left the presence of God and I will wake them bowl have some thing in his phone somewhere then he say that to keep him from being exulted the end you know a phone was placed in his body don’t you see that sometimes healing keeps you humble man no no because humility is not some thing that somebody imposes on you if I impose humility on you it’s not humility that’s humiliation and it’s because people think exaltation being exulted is a bad signal There is a godly exaltation are you sure oh yeah the same Bible says humble yourself under the mighty hand of God that he may exalt you God was exulting Paul because Paul had received tremendous revelation the only man in his generation to get the revelation of the gospel and to stop him from that revelation the devil started attacking him and when he said that he had the phone in the flash well you weren’t there when pulses it but that’s the common language of people back in those days people back in those days when they say a song in the flash it’s like me you and I saying today this guy is just a pain in the neck when we said this guy is a pain in the neck it’s all way of saying some thing no I speak French in French we don’t have those kind of words so it tells me for instance hey Silas is a pain in my neck in Frenchmans nothing If I was just a French guy trying to understand it and explain to other freshmen will see Silas was actually putting his foot on this man’s neck no I was just saying he was disturbing me that’s the same thing with a thorn in my flesh and is in the word of God sickness is not a blessing did you have a question no quickly as we are wrapping up here when it comes to healing someone let’s say like

sister has a friend called Jane and Jane of James son John is sick or Joannes husband is sick there’s two things that you have to realize when you do your exercise the power of healing healing demands faith and that faith must be demonstrated let’s say You go to somebody that is sick you have to see faith in them and faith for healing is never hidden it’s tangible it’s something you’ll see notice in the word of God but if a man came to Jesus doing some thing by faith Jesus healed them immediately but when this person when the people who came to Jesus didn’t do anything Jesus always ask them to do some thing before the healed I’ll give you an example where are the woman with the issue of blood the Bible sees she said to herself if I can only touch the hymn of his garment will be healed and the Bible says she crawled if a person is crawling with her blood she put her life on the line By law she had to be killed but she defied law with that much faith every step she took made her face grow alive when she touch that face listen to what Jesus sees who touched me and Bella say the master there’s so many around in about you why do you say who touched you Jesus saves for a new virtual came out of me and looking at that woman he sees your face has made you whore he did not take credit he didn’t even give God credit he gave credit to her faith that much faith demands instant healing the man I was talking about by Timmys he heard that Jesus is coming out of Jericho in the Bible states he started to scream son of David have mercy on me son of David have mercy on me that’s right there It’s already demonstration of faith and faith without works is dead that is the works of faith when he stood up that man had already shown all the faith Jesus didn’t have to tell him hey dude let’s do you believe me now he’s asked him what do you want me to do I want to be healed let it be done to you but there is some people in the Bible who won they met Jesus they had no faith for healing in fact they want to argue with Jesus Bible says that there was this man who was laying at the the Boulevard Bethesda Jesus came to him and say do you want to be healed just answer yes or no the guys been here for 38 years he said it all he said it all what do you mean do I want to be healed in Jesus went on to tell him the son of 99 introduced himself as the son of man now Pick up your bed and walk why did Jesus tell them pick up your bed why didn’t Jesus grab them and go to this man had no face he had to show Jesus that he had faith by him standing up and picking up his bed every move he made him and his buddies a case but the man told me pick up your bed he had to show his face another man who just sits down begging at the temple Jesus on the sub is going out at all John chapter 9 here now Jesus spoke to this man and the Bible says Jesus pat on the ground made the concussion applied it on his eyes and told his man you go wash your face why didn’t Jesus just kill this man be healed know who is that man had not shown any ounce of faith he had to take the words of Jesus And begin to go no it’s Mrs. Jen has no faith it’s your duty to help her stir the face in her one of the ways you have to do don’t rush into praying for a person who needs healing who has no concept of it don’t rush into

it if you’re going to rush into it you can pray and I’ll show you how to pray but you have to paint a picture for her I’ll give you an example this lady Roxanne and she’s sick let’s say it’s in her legs start to tell her Roxanne do you see yourself running do you see yourself walking because the Bible says faith is the substance of things hoped for in other words faith gives substance to what you hope for your job first of all is to create that helping them Who created that hopping in the ass I see myself walking yes I see myself help them you can pull it now by face that’s why you see over and over in the Bible when they hit the parade for those who are sick then grab them and then to Yankton James in Oregon my friend his he’s come to appreciate this that he can’t wait he goes around looking for people who are sick like they used to be a preacher Nigeria many many years ago when I was a kid called in the holster he used to go around looking for dead people he’ll go and ask do you have a funeral do you know where there’s a funeral until he found it it was a funeral and then he went and raise the kids their Smith Wigglesworth had the same issue before he saw feelings he provoked people as a minister of healing you have to find a way to create It to people like the gentleman in the top right but unfortunately he was dead who had cancer in his kidney the only one kidney he had because he had donated one kidney and the other one was infected I told him I had and you’re 42 years old why do you wanna die what do you want to do don’t you have dreams I have dreams like what he said I want to have an orphanage in Uganda yes that’s what you should be thinking about but his wife was sitting there she was so upset cause this man had a $1 million policy like a life insurance and she already saw herself getting that money she wanted this man to go and when I walked in this room inside when we walked in this room with pastor the pastor you could smell death in it they could smell and the woman was cuddling with him I was like this is done Devil why do you cuddle with this man you’re killing the man get away and the woman was so fended that she requested that I be stopped from entering that Romanian was in three weeks before this guy died and I know what killed her what killed him was that all my kids are born by C-section and I know why they were born by C-section because of my mother-in-law before we had Gabriella Jessica used to listen to Copeland all the time and she started to believe God she’s going to have a natural birth and even if they’ll be paying it it won’t be as bad then she started to talk to her mom and her mom so sweet and you know that exam and this is my only daughter and my

granddaughter I mean you don’t have to go to this baby out and I tried to get the word in edgewise in my Wi-Fi now Still young little young married now still trying to and I’ll respect my mother-in-law the little African lady was like oh you know you don’t talk to your mother-in-law that much because of that I ruined call crashed my wife’s face we’re going to stop right here tonight to say that ceiling is still available today I know when you go pray for people you are not the one healing them the Lord is the one healing them and he’s just using your hands you pray you believe in your heart that it’s gonna happen it’s gonna happen and it’s already happening and you will see the Lord do it a man a man well let’s still not feed them we’re going to see the grace

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