How To Study Gods Word Part 1
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How To Study Gods Word Part 1

How To Study Gods Word Part 1

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I want I want to share a study with us tonight is of course you know we are doing discipleship evangelism just foundational basic Christianity hear what I want to study with us tonight is just in the face of the Bible my topic tonight is the Bible is the word of God know if you take that at face value it just seems like all mine I’ve heard all this all over and over and I know this but I have come to realize that most believers most Christians cannot defend the Bible now let me ask you this question but don’t answer publicly just answer yourself and your heart why do you believe in the Bible why do you believe in the Bible what if the Bible was not true how do you know that the Bible is true what makes you so sure that this is He only would’ve got some of you in this room have never been exposed to any other religion so growing up the only thing you know about religion was the word of God how about the people who are in places where they know nothing but the Caraun or any other of the holy books what makes the book wrong in your book right why do you believe in the Bible and do you know that if you most believers don’t know this the other things in this Bible but if you will not talk about the word of God if you did not have a solid foundation about defending the Bible you will probably be made a fool off by some people because they would use scriptures

to show you that the Bible is inaccurate like the awesome versus the contradict each other no why do you believe in the Bible I believe personally that each believer each question should get to a place where they can give their life for the Bible and say I believe with every last drop off my blood that this is the word of God just not too long ago last month a good series was airing on TV and I believe it’s still playing called the Bible it was on the history channel and other adult channels it’s a it’s not made from a biblical standpoint of you but it’s made in a sense of like as if it was Hollywood to attract new all a new audience and I don’t know the exact number of hits right now on on YouTube but last time I checked was about 5 million people I’ve been watching these Bible series on TV so the people who produce these this movie I believe the woman she’s from Australia I know my husband is I don’t know but I believe she also played in touch By an angel she’s one of the persons behind this movie they were being interviewed on Fox News by Bill Riley as he was interviewing this couple he he asked him so do you guys really believe in the old testament stories and he was like do you really believe that there was a talking snake in the Adam and eve were

really actual people and he kept on pushing to respond was he believes part of the New Testament but he doesn’t really believe in the story the Old Testament like there was a real man called Jonah at some Deorro some point who was thrown in the in the sea and swallowed by a whale and that was just shocking but he’s not the only one most Christians actually cannot accurately defined the Bible knows most of us when we read the Bible we read the stories of Elijah calling on the fire coming from heaven we just look at that as if Yeah I sit in the Bible but I really don’t know if that was actually a real man called Elijhaa like the Bible says that the Moses and the children of Israel went through the Red Sea and some people don’t believe that actually went through the Red Sea some scholars say the one through the green sea not the Red Sea through the read see what does really the Bible teach you personally as a member of the body of Christ you should get to a place where you are so sold out on the word of God like I personally I believe that the word of God from cover to cover is accurate and in my heart my heart of hearts I believe that the most accurate book on this planet is this this is better than any books out there and I believe that anything that God sees about mankind about how he created is more accurate than what science was Tried to portray and I also believe that the word of God is millions and millions of years with the head of science but it will take a long time for science to catch up with the truth of the word of God but we as believers we need to be to be equipped so that we we have like this philosophy about the word of God that you know that you know that you know that this word is the true word of God but I remember when President Clinton was still in office he was being asked a question about just his stand on some of the the main issues that divide Americans that, homosexuality emotional and so forth and

he claims to be Christian so he made a comment that those things in the Bible as you see them we’re not ready for this generation the world reading for people back in those days but today the world has advanced and we need to learn how to adapt the word of God As if the word of God was yeah I was OK but the truth of the word of God can’t be supportive today and I tell you that is a lie from the pit of hell the word of God is the plumbline that the Lord has given us to guide our affairs daily but you are a child of God you need to get to a place where you know what you believe in and why do you believe in that and I’m not gonna go theological and get details because if I want to teach just about the history of the Bible who wrote the Bible how many here is the facts about the word of God it will take me like a semester here to just teach about that one topic the Bible and I really encourage some of you who I really encourage some of it to just do a deeper study on the Bible how did we get the king James version who are the people behind the king James version why is it that we have over 30 versions of the English Bible and some translations of Good Bible kind of fight each other you need to be equipped about these things because this is your life this is where we based our eternity on what if what we best all eternity on was a lie how do you know that and I know what I’m saying is true because most believers cannot defend the faith most believers cannot stand strongly on the word of God and defend it and say I pledge allegiance to this just like a back in the days when the body of Christ was lost in the world the first century believers they believed in the Bible so much that they gave the lives of the Bible when we read throughout history men and women were burned at stake men and women were drawn to

lines in the world eating but they would not give up on their face unless and history has not proven archaeologically that the Bible is true and that the people that we read in the Bible to 10 The able to Noah the Enoch the Abraham these were not fictional people these are people that actually lived on earth I remember coming to the Lord and I remember around 1992 I was talking to my pastor I couldn’t believe the people I know live to be 950 years and I was asking him do you think the year is actually were counted 365 days or did they count the year as 30 days as a year how could people live like that and he told me yes there was a man called Noah who lived to be 950 years there was a man called Methuselah Bull lived to be 969 years this didn’t happen on Jupiter it didn’t happen on the moon it happen here on this planet earth some people even go far to say do you really believe that was such a thing as the tree of knowledge Good and evil or was this just symbolic yes I do believe there was a physical treat with fruit just like an apple tree like a lemon tree or an orange tree and the walls a physical tree called the tree of knowledge of good and evil some people would say you know when the Bible says that Adam and Eve we’re naked but we’re not ashamed it’s because even though they were naked the glory of the Lord was like a cloud around a private area no the Bible doesn’t say that the Bible says the word literally naked as naked can be no another thing that I know about the Bible is this we always mess up the word of God when we add our philosophy to the word of God the word of God should always be taken at face value take it just as it is don’t add spices to it don’t add sugar or salt to it you will ruin the word of God if we take the word of God as is it’s OK Do you know the dark back in history up until the 16th century people believe that the word that the earth was flat people believe that the earth was flat and it kept

expanding and kept expanding and some socks even went in the Bible I remember that the Catholic Church even supported the fact that you know that philosophy that the earth is flat because Jesus talks about the four corners of the world but if you go back in the old testament in the book of Job in the book of Isaiah the Lord actually spoke through Jo Ann through Isaiah that the world is certainly isn’t right that there is such a thing called the circle of the earth like in Job chapter 26 verse 10 the word of God says the town board he drew a circle around the earth that the earth is round and job is considered the oldest book in the Bible but back then even When science couldn’t prove or when people are still debating that the world was flat the Bible already showed us that the world was round science back in the days didn’t believe that the the the globe hangs in the universe they believe and ask is nothing but the Bible in the book of Job spoke already that the globe is actually suspended in mid air by the power of the hand the hands of God the Bible is accurate and I personally I am willing to give my life for this I know the shit that some people who believe that they do used to be dinosaurs that lived here in the world many years ago there has been excavations in Colorado and Oregon on the West Coast these dinosaurs live 15 million years ago but biblically speaking dinosaurs then leave 15 million years ago they just leave 6000 years ago In the Scriptures after scriptures that you can look at that’s a dinosaur the Bible talks about dinosaurs that lived with a man was here on earth and the Giants the Giants live not too long ago just a few thousand years ago but we need to learn these things the word of

God should know you know learning the word of God meditating on the scripture shouldn’t be something you do casually Leica it’s an add on to your life this should be your life really but you believe in this so much you believe in this so much that you’re willing to give your life for this let’s go to second Timothy chapter 2 chapter 3 second Timothy chapter 3 and let’s see some thing what the Bible says about the Bible second Timothy chapter 3 let’s read verses 10 through 17 and that’s the end that’s from childhood you have known the holy Scriptures which are able to make it wise for salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus all scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine for reproof for correction for instruction in righteousness that the man of God may be complete thoroughly equipped for every good work awesome word Paul tells us hear that all scripture was given by inspiration inspiration is like the breath of God the Lord himself instructed people say you put this in the world what what does this verse teach art or what do the Scriptures teachers they teach us that from Genesis to Revelation man doesn’t have any input in the word of God The word of God is not men’s philosophy the word of God it’s not man’s feelings it’s not some guy who ate so much pizza and had a good dream and woke up and started writing things that’s one of the reasons why I can’t understand millions of people embracing the Quran because as far as we all know the Quran was bitten by one man the prophet that the Muslims respect as the prophet Muhammad what happened to trust one man how do you know if he was on drugs when he was writing those things how do you know if he was psychologically unstable when he wrote those things I mean you have to be very delusional to base your whole face on the writings of one man in the word of God took over 100 people to write it and all of them agree and

the people who wrote the Bible we’re not like together in one room they are separated by thousands Beers but yet all of them they spoke about the same exact thing that’s some awesome is like the same idea Bing pass-through generation to generation and one thing else about the Bible it was not just one class of people who wrote the Bible it was not just the people who are scholars who are very educated who wrote the Bible no the mood use people like Emma’s – manhole at the book of Amos who was on a man without any education who was a farmer who didn’t even know how to write the Lord use the men like that right but the mud also use the man like Isaiah when you read the book of Isaiah it seems like this guy is a poet this guy he’s a philosopher he’s one of the most brilliant character in the Bible the book the medical does it but people like that he’ll take a man like King David to write the Bible he’ll take a man like Moses all of them We never knew each other face-to-face spoke about one thing and talked all Timothy whatever they wrote down was not the imagination it was not something that they just came up with it was not something that they wrote because it made more sense for them no he said it was God inspired what do we learn from that scripture or what do you learn about the Bible the Bible is not a man-made book the Bible is gods idea and because we know that God is perfect God never makes a mistake therefore if God inspired the Bible the Bible can not have one single mistake in the Bible can never be wrong when people does Collins Hall but the allegiant who

studied the Bible tried to compare the mistakes you know what those mistakes are it’s just the Darding on an offer in on all the crossing of a T But that’s the few mistakes that they have in the Bible but every single thing about the Bible is true why because policies the scripture was given by inspiration it was not somebody who just felt good like man I think I should write up instructions for the next generation know the Lord inspired them the Lord lead these things the most dictated he told Moses you write this down he told Jeremiah you write this down he told Michael you write this down that’s exactly how we get the Bible and then I tell you this is the greatest book of all time and I think even the Guinness world record says that the Bible is the best sellers of all books of all time of all time that has never been a book like this and one thing also you’ll find out about the Bible man the Bible can never lead you wrong he can never eaten never take you You know sidetracking never lose you out there in the wilderness anything written in the Bible like postseason in verse 16 all scripture is given by inspiration of God it is profitable for doctrine for reproof for correction let’s stop right there the word of God will always correct you the word of God will always align you the word of God will like straighten you up do you really need a rebuke all the things in our lives that are just stupid that we do that I just stupid why not run to the Bible the Bible was given to give us correction one of the reason why we commit all these mistakes and we regret why did I talk like this why did I do this why did that do that it’s because his word did not take the first place in our lives when I tell you my friends Some thing that we have naturally it’s called pride know the word the word the Lord has taught me about pride or self-centered as it’s some

thing that we struggle with for the rest of her life I don’t know one single person who’s gotten to a place where self-centeredness was totally removed out of their lives only Jesus but all of us in one way or another we will have a degree of self-centeredness somehow someway we always want us first somehow it varies from one person to another some of us not as much as the others in the bottom of our sales Santa nice blinds us to the reality of the word of God because usually we get to places were to someplace and what would feel like we can correct ourselves we can figure out our lives but the word of God here if we give it preeminence if we make it the first thing Can I live it will always correct as the word of God will correct us equal strength to strengthen us now we’re 17 that the man of God may be complete the word of God will make a complete thoroughly equipped for every good work there’s only one way to get to a place where you are given good works for your life is nothing but a spring of good works it’s still the word of God because it’s not accurate do you know one of the reasons why God can never lie all the word of God can never light it’s because the word of God reflects the character of God amen they say is never better a man is not better than his word you know the character of the man but how much words he keeps you cannot be Any man a man who never respects his word doesn’t respect other things about himself it is say that you can tell the character of a man when he tells you I will do he will do I will show up at this upon a time he will show the time if he can shop at the time he’ll call you and let you know sorry I’m running late but a good man or a man of character always hold his word and God is also like that the Bible tells us in the book of Psalms 138 verse to the Lord has exalted his word above himself he has exalted his word above himself the Bible also tells us in the book of Psalms

chapter 15 verse four but a godly man will swear to his own heart a godly man means a man who is like God because he receives this character from God God in his character he will swear to his own What does that mean once a word goes from the mouth of God he will never break it even if it hurts him the word that comes from the mouth of God he can never break it God is not a saint son of man that he may repent he is not a son of man that he would just sit does it and I blew that funding that I made a big mess in that anything that God sees him inside anything the dots men’s he say is God is not like us when God says I will do this he will do it and that’s exactly how he gave us this word if this word cannot be trusted nothing else can be trusted about God if there’s just one mistake in the word of God then the whole word of God is wrong I was on the Internet just trying to update myself trying to see when I have some people who are atheist whore who go against the word of God they came out with I am of the biggest mistakes in the Bible and this mistakes are just laughable like us somewhere in the book of Leviticus it says that the Lord told the children Israel you shall not eat any bugs that you should not eat any bugs that has four legs but doesn’t fly I can’t remember this in Leviticus chapter 17 and people in the 80s will say there’s no bugs on earth has four legs all bugs have six legs or more how could God say bag with all eggs and there’s also also an explanation to that what God meant in that scripture is a leg is a leg because it has a foot and all the bags has have only 4 feet the two other legs don’t have feet attach them it’s just clear just simple anybody would read that and he would say that but people do use things like Have to go against the word of God and others about five major mistakes like that and those are just minor mistakes or not if they’re not even mistakes it’s just men not trying to understand not using his brain to see what the man is trying to start reading the word of God go to see if you want

to find a mistake somewhere you will always find a mistake in them and the time is details and there’s five of these but the word of God is accurate one of the reasons why I personally believe in the word of God it’s because the prophecies that the word of God gave about Jesus the Messiah all of them were fulfilled that’s one of the reasons why I believe in the accuracy of the word of God do you know how many prophecies were given about Jesus about 360 professors and how many did Jesus fulfilled 360 yes and the odds of one Man for filling eight of those prophecies are one in one quadrillion one and one quadrillion let me break down one quadrillionth that the sun is 93,000,000 ly away from us if you took one dollar bills and you stack them from the earth all the way to the sun that would be one quadrillion no just imagine that none of those bills is scorched by the heat of the sun they survived you take just one one of those bills and you Mac market with a black X mark on it what are the odds of you climbing on a ladder and trying to retrieve that one dollar bill out of the stack that goes from the earth all the way to the sun that is the odds of one and one quadrillion You can do that and the odds of one person for filling eight of the 360 prophecies of the Old Testament 01 and one quadrillion but Jesus did not fulfill eight he fulfilled 360 wow it’s just impossible that one person would be described as Jesus will describe most the way Jesus fulfilled the prophecy’s was so accurate that most scholars and philosopher said they didn’t believe those prophecies were written before Jesus somebody must have written the Scriptures after the death of Jesus and that could’ve been OK that could’ve been arguing argue because what how would you prove that these prophecies were written before Jesus until 1947 some lessons that’s his problem, 1947 Juan Luis shepherd boy in the Judy and there’s a deer was a hard one of the ship lost and so he leaves these are the sheets and goes after this one this one she wanted in a cave and the boys

still fighting to go in the cave so he grabs a rock and throws a rock there to scare the shit out of the cave but instead of hearing the ship and I’m making a funny noise he heard a pottery break so he was all like Styrofoam what is that so he ran and grab his cousin and they came in there and they found these old pottery in the inside with this old scrolls these calls were reading 100 years before Jesus was born and all the boy went another word got out and they went in the retreat these that’s his cross between 1947 in 1956 these manuscripts are Oldest Bible manuscripts in the world and all those manuscript Word for Word were exactly as we have them in the Bible today what does showed is this these people who wrote 100 years ago these manuscripts it’s not like they added anything only but God also was behind that he made sure that they wrote it down these words heat them in the cave and the Lord himself preserve his word and the prophecies of Azaya of Jeremiah of Mika do exactly all how we have them in the woods so there was no no way the prophecies of Jesus were written after his death they were written hundreds of years before Jesus let me show you one of the prophecies about Jesus done with me to talk to Mika chapter 5 verse one you know We have Silas I want to tell us to be called Mika but you know what mama wants mama gets is that a Micah chapter 5 verse verse two actually not first one Michael chapter 5 verse two but you I’m on wait a second for some of you are still looking Micah chapter 5 test it but you Bethlehem avatar avatar though you are a little among the thousands of Judah yet out of you shall come forth to meet the one to be ruler in Israel who is going to fourth and who’s going forth awesome of old from everlasting right here the Lord pin points out of all Israel were his son will be born in Bethlehem was this fulfilled yes it was good Member when Jesus was born the star lead the magi’s to Bethlehem look at Matthew chapter 2 verse one Matthew chapter 2 verse one was my touch up the five hours to eight exactly fulfilled as it was foretold by Mika hundreds of years ago yes Matthew chapter 2 verse one

now after Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of hair that can’t be hold the wisemen from the east came to Jerusalem see Jesus was born in Bethlehem when you go to gym in the book of Jeremiah chapter 31 Jeremiah study the Bible here I’m not preaching and teaching so take your time here Jeremiah chapter 31 verse 15 another prophecy they are 360 prophecy I couldn’t read old all of them here but I just have a few selected Jeremiah chapter 31 verse 15 diocese the Lord of voice was heard in Arama lamentation and better whipping Rachel weapon for her children refusing to be covered by her children because they are no more Jeremiah so innovation oh he prophesied it around the birth of Jesus kids will be killed in Bethlehem did this did this happen it was exactly for filled I’m not gonna be there just there in Matthew chapter 2 there you can you can read in verse six and the rest key heard when he heard that the wisemen told him yeah the Saudi born in Jerusalem what he did in Bethlehem what he did he sent the soldiers to go kill the children exactly as it was poor photo José For instants he prophesied that Jesus as a boy his parents will find refuge in Egypt because a kid a king will try to kill him exactly fulfilled just exactly like that the Lord spoke to Joseph and they took Jesus as a boy to Egypt everything about Jesus was already prophesied think even about Mary the Lord prophesied that it would be through a virgin but his son will be born it happened exactly like that but up not only that let’s go to Isaiah Chapter 40 Isaiah chapter 40 look at this one prophecy as a chapter 40 look at verse three the voice of one crying in the wilderness prepare the way of the Lord make straight in the door is it a Highway For our god no go now to Malachi chapter 3 Malachi let’s study the Bible my friends chapter 3 verse one behold I send my messenger and he will prepare the way before me and the Lord who music will suddenly come to his temple even the messenger of the covenant in whom you delight behold his

comments say the Lord of hosts these two passages show us that 700 years before Jesus was born to profit how to really prophesied that a messiah will come but this is one of the signs you will know that he is the Messiah before he comes publicly to be introduced to Israel another man will proceed here as I said it it will be the voice of one crying in the wilderness prepare the ways of the Lord Malachi said behold I send my message Before me who is this melody talking about it’s on the Baptist who is the best messenger that God was sending was it fulfilled yes it was for filled just before Jesus was introduced in the world if you read Matthew chapter 3 the Bible says that in that day Matthew chapter 3 verses one through 11 but John came to Jesus talk to Israel and he was just prophesying and ministering for six months the Pharisees want to ask him are you the Messiah and he told him I’m not the messiah then who are you who gives you the power of the authority to do these things he said I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness prepare the way of the board that was just man right there that shows me that these things didn’t just happen accidentally you see the husband other people in history who have made predictions they have been so I think so I made predictions one of the men that most people know is called Nostradamus Nostradamus made these predictions and one of the greatest predictions that he made was a World War II I have read the predictions of Nostradamus and they say that he even pro predicted that there will be a man called Hitler he never said that for U2 to come to the conclusion that Notre Dame is really predict the future you’d have to use your brain it’s just these vague prophecies even the name Hitler and Nostradamus predictions it’s not Hitler it’s Hitler and he’s not talking about the man he’s talking about the Danube about a river in Europe and when he talks about the Germans he’s not even talking about the Germans are in as a nation he’s talking about a man with a German brother and German as in a sibling So even the predictions of Nostradamus I just these vague predictions other psychics who have made predictions there was this other woman and her last name I believe was decent shape addicted to John Kennedy would be a kill he would win the elections and he’ll die in office it came to pass and she also prophesied the damn

Nixon will be president but not only that but World War III Woodstock 1954 never came to pass if you take all the predictions of Mrs. Dixon only 6% of those came to pass but the rest 94% it was just hot air I mean if I had to make predictions when I’ll get at least 50% right or 75% right so any other person in history who’s ever made predictions they’ve always missed it there’s only one place were predictions were made hundreds of years Go home prior and they came to pass exactly you don’t even need to be a rocket scientist to see that yes this is it it’s in the Bible this is the only book with accurate predictions do you know for instants when Jesus came as the Messiah it had already been pre-predicted that he will be betrayed how much money did Judas collect to betray Jesus how many pieces call Maha my brother let’s log Don Don Don Don Don say thumbs up Zachariah chapter 11. Then I say to him if it is agreeable to you give me my wages and if not we’re friends so the word out for my wages 30 pieces of silver say that Jesus would even be betrayed with the exact number of pieces of silver only the word of God only God’s word And not only does it also shows that Jesus would be crucified crucifixion was introduced by the Romans but the Romans didn’t rule the world all these years hundreds of years before Romans were here on earth hundreds of years before even men thought of crucifying somebody God had already use profits like they would in Sunset the 22 to say that the Messiah would have his hands and his feet pierced but he would be crucified before men even thought about crucifying somebody there’s no other books in this world that predicts this only the word of God and that Jesus would would be betrayed by one of his friends only the word of God said that that when he would hang on the cross his clothes would be divided between between like the book of Psalms Call them the dogs of Bashan talks about the Romans it happened exactly like Jesus does it even say that when he dies he will be laid in the tomb he would be crucified he would be killed between themes Jesus was crucified between 2 feet and he will be laid to rest in the tomb of a rich man it happened exactly like that when Jesus died on the cross Joseph of Arimathea request that his body be laid in the tomb and I reached out in a Richmond stone in the sun 16 says that his body will not DK

we’re not decompose it happened exactly like that the Jesus’s body did not see corruption my friend when I look at the pro predictions about Jesus there’s no errors any margin of error is that 0.00901 it’s none everything to the last details happened exactly like that that’s why The reason why I believe in this I believe in this like that when Jesus was alive who was the king or who was the Roman emperor make a nano this is a class of history here it was Cesar Augustus Tiberius Tiberius was the the route the reigning emperor do you know there are more mountain Scripps around the time talking about Jesus then about Tiberius and if one of them was a fictional character Tiberius will be a fictional character all scientist believe the Tiberius actually existed the walls of fear of a Cesar cool Tiberius but people around Tiberius is not route more about Jesus than about Tiberius so Jesus really existed he really lived in Israel he was really crucify the man to see that the Bible has predicted that that gives me a leg to stand on I know the day Bible did not like let me show you another ancient prophecy that was spoken about a man 300 years before he was born and it happened just like the tune with me to the book of first Kings chapter 13 verses one and two first Kings chapter 13 we are talking about the Bible is the word of God we should stand in the face of the word of God look at the first Kings chapter 13 verses one and two and hold a man of God went from Judith to Bethel by the word of the Lord and Jeroboam stood by the altar to burn incense then he cried out against the older by the word of the Lord and side or alter alter that says the Lord behold a child Josiah by name shall be bound to the house of David in on you shall sacrifice the price of the hot places to Uber Incense on you and man’s bones shall be burned on you this is awesome after king Solomon disobeys the board the Lord sends a profit go to Hijo 08 who prophesies that Israel will be divided into two kingdoms the northern kingdom and the southern kingdom the northern kingdom made of tin trout the southern kingdom of two tribes the trouble Judah and the tribe of Benjamin and dump the dirt

not the southern kingdom is controlled by the lead the descendants of King David and the northern tribes is controlled by all these evil wicked kings so you’re a woman becomes the first king of the northern tribes but he’s very concerned that even though he’s a king in northern Israel old Israel goes to worship God in Jerusalem so he feels that if they keep going down to Jerusalem they may eventually turn down turn turn against him what does He do he builds these bad all Thursdays I don’t worship and alters to his knees these false gods and he goes on to sacrifice on him so the nonsense of profit the profit comes and he prophesies against the altar and he says all alter or alter upon you a boy so I’ll be in Noxubee born his name will be Josiah and on you he shall burn the insides of all these false prophets when did this man talk about Josiah it was 300 years before this I was born Israel had never known the person called Josiah nobody knew but this prophecy that will be a boy named Josiah and he even point of the baseboard will come through the family of David did this happen let me show you second Kings chapter 23 let’s verify This happened exactly like this man seat 300 years later second Kings chapter 23 second Kings chapter 23 verses 15 through 18 second Kings chapter 23 verses 15 through 18 more over the altar deposit Bethel at her place which Jeroboam the son of the bad who made Israel scene had made both at altar in the high place he broke down and he burned heartless and crushed it to powder and burn the wooden image and as Josiah turned he saw the terms that were there on the mountain and he said and took the bones out of the terms and burn them on the altar and they filed it according to the word of the Lord which the man of God proclaimed who processor proclaimed these words then he said what gravestone is this that I see so the man of the city told him It is the tomb of the man of God who came from Judah and proclaimed these things which you have done against altar of Bethel and he said let him alone let no one move his bones so they let his bones alone with the bones of the prophet who came from Samaria exactly as the prophet of God had predicted man that was an accurate prophecy 300 years before this man

was born the Lord said I will send a boy his name will be even Josiah I’m not going to thunder but if you read the Isaiah chapter 45 verses one through six the Bible Isaiah prophesies about an oh he’s in King called Cyrus that Cyrus Bolton is real free after Israel has gone into captivity a man named Cyrus will be instrumental in releasing them Cyrus The real person who existed hey storm is still there today in Iran if you go to Iran you will see the tomb of Cyrus Cyrus is a real man who existed years ago but do you know that I spoke about Cyrus hundreds of years before this man was born and in the book of Ezra chapter 1 verse one through three which is Cyrus being introduced as the man who told Israel anybody wants to go build a temple to God go ahead so how do I do I believe that the Bible is true I believe the Bible is true because all the predictions of the word of God saying it may have taken hundreds hundreds of years but they came to pass no Jesus before he died he said that the temple of Jerusalem will be destroyed and the two shall see the signs and the signs and the signs he even say this generation shall not pass until these things come to pass Jesus died The year 3380 but do you know only a few years after that in the year 70 a general Roman general cold Titus came surround Jerusalem and burned it exactly like Jesus said when you go back to the book of Daniel Daniel was in Babylon but the Lord gave him a prophetic vision of the kingdoms has they will be succeeding each other the Babylonian the Persians the Greeks and the Romans and at the time of the Romans God will usher in the kingdom of heaven things happen exactly like that I don’t need this book gives us those kind of predictions only does that’s why I believe in this but does also another reason my friends what I believe in the Bible it’s because he brush out the form is 12 size the word of God is alive and it’s active if the word of God is alive that means everything written in the word of God can be witnessed You can be you can witness these things have I ever seen in my life a promise of the Lord accomplished in my life yes let me give you an example the Bible says in the last days is the board your sons and your daughters will prophesy because of what my Spirit upon

all flesh I read the scripture at 1992 and I believe than that and the Lord help me there’s been times that I have prophesied and people I think James is a witness that I had prophesied on him things have come to pass just like that but last night I was talking to a friend of mine he passes in South Africa he was in Washington DC and he traveled back to South Africa today he lives in Pretoria Hilo sterling me that in 2002 he had managed for him address one of his meetings there was a young man and his church who is a very poor man who is best to hook I never have a residence and he told me Eddie you pointed out that man that the Lord will make him so rich beyond his wildest imagination and that he should be careful at the time because the enemy will try to steer his heart away he said after you left everybody laughed because it’s almost like you embarrass yourself that God was one of the poorest guy in the church there was no physical means to prove the point of the fact that this man can become a rich guy for years after that that man became so rich for years after that and the enemy used his wife to steer his heart against the board and the guy walked away and this friend of mine says anytime I remember that prophecy I can’t believe it I remember around 2000 I was ministering in a country called them that way it’s in southern Africa as a ministering there’s a young man sitting in the in the church I pointed out to him and I said you young man The Lord says get ready because he’s going to take you out of this continent he’s going to take you to a land far far away what you’ve never thought off and you’ll be pastoring there and it was like stupidity because this guy didn’t even think about leaving his home country he just wanted to leave there and give back to his own people a couple years after that he found himself in England and everything he did didn’t work well so he ended up in the church serving and the people in the church loved him so much they sent him to Bible college 2005 when I was in Colorado I got a phone call from England but this young man said you may not remember me but a few years ago you came to our country and you prophesied that I will be pastoring a church I’m inviting you to England to come and help I’ll be

there as I’m getting old name as the pastor of this church have I ever seen a prophecy coming to pass yes I have sent how did I believe the prophecies Happen how how do I see these things simply because the word of the man upstairs sees in the last day says the board up with my Spirit upon all flesh your sons and daughters shall prophesy and I tell you my friends everything that is written in this word happens it happens like for instance most of us in this room hear the word of God promises that if any man is in Christ he is a new creature old things passed away nothing of all things become new most of us in this room if you tell me about your life before you came to Christ in your life now we can all sit down and see exactly 2nd crowd at second Corinthians chapter 5 verse 17 is true because look at the picture of me before Christ and look at the picture of me after Christ I am a better person I’m a I’m a stronger man because the word of God is alive and active why do I believe in the word of God because anything that the word of God They will never go to waste Jesus sees heaven and earth will pass away but my work will never pass away I believe in the integrity of the word of God do you know not to Longo disciplined by five years ago they just found out the people who smile a lot and who laugh a lot tend to be healthier they just found out not too long ago five years ago and it took it they put about 10 millions to conduct a study we could’ve save them the 10 million if we just show them the word of God fathers the word of God says a merry heart does good like medicine that’s exactly what the Bible says I just found out also that about two years ago scientists are now beginning to find out that a word that a man sees affects the environment around him that even the space around you Obey your word and the Bible had already said those things life and death are under the power of your word or your tongues I tell you my friends this is the truth the only word of God you know I know Pastor Chris is been a face statement of faith it says that the Bible is

the only odd but the only authority infallible word of God this not the Quran this not the books of the Buddhist and Hindu West end all kinds of religion added this is the only book that contains the truth and if this contains the truth I believe it would be wise for this to be your best friend I believe it’s wise for this to be my best friend Jesus talks and Matthew chapter 7 about two people who build their houses one builds in the sand and one bills and The Rock anytime I read about the menu Who built the house in the sand always think of people who build a face their life on their philosophy on their feelings on what the world teaches but the men who built the word on his life on the rock you build the world in here they are and like I was a ministering two weeks ago I love Sundays the word of God naturally never make sense when I read things in the Bible he doesn’t go through this exactly like pulses in first Corinthians chapter 2 verse 14 the natural man does not receive the things of the spirit for they are spiritually discerned but when I read the word of God with my spirit it makes all the sense in the world it makes all the sense in the world what what do you do I want you to go home with tonight not only is the word of God true not only is the Bible worth living your life done For the word of God should actually be your best friend you should invest in the word of God you should meditate on the word of God you should read the word of God you should study the word of God the world is the way God made us the word is the seed the sperm of God the word contains the very life of God if we plant this word in our heart it will yield fruit if we replace our theology out of philosophy our feelings for the word of God we can never fail in life amen

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